VRE is world’s first decentralized platform joining virtual reality and neurocomputer interface with Blockchain technology. The project’s chief developer is Jeremy Khoo. VRE ICO start date: 2018-11-15

VRE Blockchain Platform Review

VRExplosion – the decentralized platform uniting in itself possibilities of virtual reality, the neurocomputer interface and a blockchain technologies. VRE platform allows people to store the thoughts and the ideas in a blockchain, to exchange with other people the thoughts and the ideas with the help a blockchain of technologies and also to visualize the thoughts, the ideas and dreams by means of association of opportunities of the neurocomputer interface and virtual reality. All this will allow people to keep reliably the knowledge, it is safe to exchange them and even to descend them.

VRE technology allows controlling the usual everday devices with the help of mental commands.

The company develops universal learning algorithms for recognizing and decoding brain signals, which allows to control wireless devices in real time. VR Explosion creates and tests its own mobile headset used to record and analyze brain signals and also creates an expandable database of decoded brain signals and maps suitable for multiple-user access and available to other developers

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