A Secure Remote JSON-RPC BitCoin Wallet Management App Written in .Net.



  • Full Featured GUI
  • Ability to view/sort/filter transactions
  • A full address book capability
  • Ability to use the “Accounts” feature of bitcoin
  • Sending Money
    • Using memos/notes
    • Using address book
    • With variable optional fee
  • A full “RPC Shell” as I call it, providing a commandline like interface to the bitcoin JSON-RPC API.
  • Built-in SSH Functionality (not requiring outside SSH client or certificate app). That provides the following: (note SSH is disabled currently due to some bugs)
    • Secure Encrypted Tunnel to the remote bitcoin host
    • Uses an already trusted service (SSH), and the associated daemon, which are typically very secure.
    • Limits potential attack vectors since on the bitcoin host, only SSH need be exposed. Making it virtually invisible (bitcoin is undetectable) to a potential attacker.
    • Your authentication through the tunnel is done over the encrypted channel.


This project was first made available July 2, 2011.

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