Wallet upgrade

Step by step guide for safe upgrade:

  • Uninstall Gridcoin from programs
  • delete all folders related to gridcoin from C:Program Files for 32 bit OS and C:Program Files (x86) for 64 bit OS
  • Unhide hidden folders
  • Go to C:users%youraccount%AppDataRoamingGridcoinResearch and delete all content EXCEPT you conf file
  • Download new MSI
  • Install
  • Create shortcut on desktop from the .exe if not already created
  • Right click and run as administrator (elevated)
  • Let it sync
  • Encrypt
  • Back it up
  • Unlock wallet but not fully, just for staking (tick box) ltnsAW5.png
  • Start up BOINC
  • Set BOINC simple view>Tools>Computing Preferences to 90% CPU and 50% of spare drive capacity, set to always on.
  • Work as normal and if you get bottlenecks in memory, CPU or drive throttle CPU back from 90% to say 60%
  • Setting to always on means you will do more good BOINC work as it will work with you as long as it’s ‘CPU busy’ flag is not triggered.

For a standard upgrade from the client, be sure to run as administrator.



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