WatchUGot is an Ethereum based social networking app that provides users with the tools and platform to develop community fundraising campaigns. We combined the crowdfunding components of GoFundMe with the social aspects of Facebook and Instagram on a blockchain. WatchUGot allows users to create and participate in fundraising initiatives for meaningful causes while being rewarded with real cash-value in the form of our WUG tokens. Our legacy (non-blockchain) version of WatchUGot is already live and available for download on Google and Apple marketplaces.

WatchUGot is a blockchain-based social challenge platform that facilitates community building through social charity initiatives and rewards participants in the form of exchangeable cryptocurrency capital. The task of integrating and providing compensation to inspire charitable contribution is daunting and requires skilled developers and a monetization system of high utilitarian value to maintain economic viability. WatchUGot and WUG tokens provide such a system, by combining aspects of our legacy version and applying a tokenized incentive model with virtual, physical & non-fungible goods (badges/items) to transparently award community participants and charitable organizations.

User-generated, viral-challenge content has been attributed to generating over 100 Million dollars per year for individual causes. In addition to providing necessary awareness, these campaigns are also credited for directly contributing to medical breakthroughs, involving sciences like gene discovery.

Who are we? We’re developers and philanthropists, who believe in decentralized innovation and products that will improve the quality of lives globally. To achieve this, we’re transitioning our LIVE product (currently available on iOS & Android) to Ethereum with the goal of pioneering charity-campaign fundraising for the burgeoning blockchain landscape.

Other information can be found at the following 7. WatchUGot Telegram

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