World Family Coin


World Family Coin (WFC Coin) – is the first decentralised platform for the management of donations and fundraising, which will be managed independently by the DAO. the DAO will be made up of the entire WFC Token holding community. All the holders acquire decision-making power while maintaining full control over the management of the WFC Platform, the decisions will be carried out by the DAO through votes managed by smart contracts. All active members within the WFC ecosystem will be incentivised by receiving remuneration for each vote performed.

The DAO will have full control over future decisions and implementations that will be proposed in the future within the ecosystem.


Donations Sectors

World Family Coin is a no-profit blockchain project born to solve many problems regarding donations and fundraising that operates on the fields of:

  • medical research
  • natural disasters
  • innovative startups and philanthropic projects


  • Lack of security that the donation reaches the cause
  • Lack of transparency
  • Poor vision on development and conclusion of projects
  • Centralised platforms (No Blockchain)
  • No incentives for donors
  • Bank charges and long times to supply the funds, high fees


WFC solves all problems by differentiating itself from traditional donation methods.

  • Safety and transparency are guaranteed from the blockchain
  • Decentralized management from the DAO
  • Full view on monitoring through the WFC Platform
  • Incentives to feed the ecosystem
  • Reduced management costs thanks to the use of cryptocurrencies

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