World Trip Singapore

World Trip Singapore’s plan is develop services first in Asia, where the number of tourists are growing in recent years, then to Europe and America, expanding the WTS platform globally.



Once guests use the platform, it provides a space for those guests to become local hosts. By combining the information of what only locals know and the skills of a host and communicating it, citizens of the world will pay attention and make a reservation if compelled to participate or experience such things. The arrangement is complete once the host guides the tourists to the local hot spots. WTS is a tool that offers a new dimension to travel.


  • Decentralized social travel platform that combines artificial intelligence and user generated content to provide travellers with a one-stop service for booking and sharing travel experiences.
  • Hybrid between an Online Travel Agent (OTA) and social networking (SNS) platform for travellers.
  • Powered by the Word Trip Xperience token (WTXT) created for the exchange of travel services, airlocker’s service, and future duty-free shops around the world.

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