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X-CASH is a cryptocurrency built on Monero v8 with the aim to become a standard in digital payment and transaction settlement. We believe privacy is very important when it comes to managing personal finances, but at the same time, banks and institutions need to know the source of the funds for KYC purposes. Therefore, we allow users to choose whether they want to make their transaction public or not. Privacy is the standard, and X-CASH empowers users to choose between both public or private transactions with a simple click.

X-Cash innovates with a customized Delegated Proof of Stake consensus algorithm leveraging Verifiable Random Functions (VRF) and Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance (DBFT). VRFs are used to ensure the next block cannot be anticipated thus protecting against DDOS attacks on delegate node, with further protections through DBFT algorithm guaranteeing a mandatory 67% consensus on blocks produced by nodes. X-Cash elevates DPoS, and natively incorporates anonymity– through the Cryptonote protocol– hence the name of its consensus algorithm, Delegated Proof of Private Stake (DPoPS).



Because the project is implementing a worldwide network of dedicated servers, X-cash hope to make the synchronization of the blockchain faster than other cryptocurrencies as well as reducing transaction latency. The project believes this network will be a key component in the deployment of the future improvements the team plans on adding to the core code.

Distribution of X-CASH

By granting only 2% of the coins to the founding team, they are hoping to build trust with the market. Moreover, they have decided to link the release of the coins to the team with the evolution of the market capitalization of X-CASH.

This will both prevent any hard dumping and ensure the long-term commitment of the team whose interests are aligned with the community. Also, in accordance with our policy, the service will provide quarterly external audits on the premine funds status and quantity.

Half of the premine is reserved to the airdrop/bounty pool. This enables to have a large proportion of our coins being evenly distributed between users, even those without huge mining power.


  • Ticker: X-CASH (Formerly XCA);
  • Total Supply: 100 Billion X-CASH;
  • Distribution: Mining, Airdrop, Staking Delegated Proof of Private Stake (DPOPS);
  • Algorithm: CryptoNight v8 (Proof-of-work);
  • Reward: ~100.000 X-CASH (at inception);
  • Emission: Logarithmic until max supply reached in 2020;
  • Block Interval: 120 sec;
  • Tx Time (average): 30 sec;
  • Block Size (average): 300 Kb;
  • Difficulty Adjustment: Every 90 block (dynamic adjustment).

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