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Yobit.net is a Russia based cryptocurrency exchange that is famous for its controversial nature.

Yobit executives and officials denied accepting any of the claims as true, and rather blamed it on , another cryptocurrency exchange operating in Ukraine. Whatever the truth maybe, it did shake the trust of its users and investors for a bit.


Overview of the exchange Yobit

Yobit exchange started its activity in 2014. For the implementation of the exchanges of the ordinary registered user is available-more than 7000 pairs to trade cryptocurrency. Convenient thoughtful design, clear functionality, small Commission on Deposit and withdrawal.

Yobit is a cryptocurrency trading platform with a wide range of services with electronic currencies in addition to Bitcoin. Profitable exchange of cryptocurrencies, which has small limits for replenishment and removal of cryptocurrency in a few seconds, as is customary in many other platforms.

There is also a system of rewards to users of cranes the distribution of cryptocurrency, and small threshold output allows the user taps to remove the accumulated funds. Minor amounts of Yobit trading when compared to other giant exchanges such as: binance.com, bitflip.cc, exmo.com are not big cons for trading on the stock exchange.

Yobit exchange: How to buy altcoins off the Yobit.net exchange. This is a beginners guide

Many Russian-speaking users have chosen Yobit for its unique design, simplicity and clarity of use.

The exchange presents unique tools developed by the exchange itself for the convenience of users, which is not present on many other exchanges around the world. These tools include: InvestBox, Coinsifo and AddToken.

The listing

Registration on the Yobit.net websitewon’t take you long . On the main page of the exchange in the upper right corner, click on the button “Register”.

On the screen you will see a permanent registration form, in which you will need to fill in your data such as: your username, email address to contact you, for notifications and confirmations of operations and you will need to write in a strictly designated place for each information control data.Also, for greater security on the cryptocurrency exchange Yobit you need to specify a numeric-letter password consisting of 8 or more Latin characters, large, small letters and numbers.

All the key data that you enter on the website cryptocurrency exchanges Yobit you need to write. After you fill in all the lines provided for registration in the opened window, you will need to read the rules of the Yobit cryptocurrency exchange, after reading you need to tick your agreement with the rules of the exchange as a registered user who complies with the conditions and procedures.

For better protection of users ‘ personal data, the exchange has equipped a registration form with captcha which you will need to solve for registration and then you can click the “Register” button and the exchange system will make you a list of its participants. A confirmation letter from the exchange will be sent to the address you specified during registration for complete verification of you as a user and confirmation of your e-mail. The exchange is good because it does not ask for personal data of users when entering and withdrawing funds.

Section ICO

Provides everyone to sell their ICO tokens using the Yobit exchange. Also, the exchange rules have been established to assist in the sales of tokens such as:

The cryptocurrency token team must provide the source code of the wallet so that we can compile and test,as well as get the ICO premine transfer.

Rocket. Ico: (10% Commission + 1 btc prepayment)-110%,109%,108%,107%,106%,105% price of the wall (every wall-10% btc amount) – 20% of the btc from the ICO will go to plan Coin InvestBox – 2% / daily Normal ICO walls:

  • 0% buy wall (20% Commission + 0.5 btc advance payment) – 50% buy wall ( 10% Commission + 0.25 btc advance payment) – Wall purchase 100% (step 10% )
  • 4 days of ICO fund.
  • If problems persist at the end of the 4-day trial period, Yobit reimburses all investors for the invested funds,and recognizes the ICO as unsuccessful and canceled.
  • The URL of the researcher should be declared in a 4 day study period.
  • All unsold coins will be destroyed by The Yobit exchange
  • After successfully fulfilling the above requirements, at the end of the 4-day period, Yobit will unlock the ICO account on which the ICO revenues are stored.
  • Please register and create a Jobcode.

The Support Section

This option of the Yobit exchange in case of any problems when making deposits and withdrawals,trading and creating YobiCodes,allows the user to create a request to the Yobit support service .The processing speed of applications is from 24 to 72 hours in the conditions of the exchange.But at this time ,due to the large number of applications,applications are processed much more time, processing time reaches 3-6 months.

Section PM

It allows exchange users to exchange any messages, any questions by internal mail and just communicate with each other.

Section InvestBox exchange Yobit – Is a network of several deposits of certain cryptocurrencies for a fixed period specified in advance by the percentage of the contribution period.The average Deposit percentage on Yobit ranges from 0.01% to 10% per day on cryptocurrencies based on the exchange itself such as: Liza. All the contributions committed in the InvestBox are safe and the exchange bears full responsibility for all deposits users in InvestBox.

They can not be lost anywhere, the only thing that can happen:will sink, grow-the rate of a particular cryptocurrency specified in InvestBox .

The average investment Deposit time is 1 day.Each user can open his own investment for the users of the Yobit exchange, with a predetermined percentage and payment period, as well as specifying the total Fund for payments to users.The maximum daily percentage that can be opened by an ordinary user 5%.

Section Coinsinfo is a service for further details of cryptocurrency. Provides users with relevant data on the amount of a particular cryptocurrency, its algorithm of Foundation and mining, the possibility of Pos and Pow production, the number of unraveled blocks in real time.

The AddToken section gives users the opportunity to add their token to the Yobit cryptocurrency exchange by any user. Tokens are added on a competitive basis.The essence of the contest is who will offer BTC more for adding a token to the exchange and he will win, and his cryptocurrency will be added.Adding new tokens to the exchange takes place every 1-7 days.Users who apply for the addition of coins must comply with the terms of the exchange Yobit.

  • Conditions for adding cryptocurrency to the exchange
  • Only a fixed number of coins can be opened on the exchange for trading
  • Only 1 topic on bitcointalk forum

The request may be rejected at any time if the administration of the Yobit exchange does not like the cryptocurrency for listing on the exchange

The completion of the exchange Yobit

While carrying out replenishment of cryptocurrency exchanges Yobit for each of the specific cryptocurrency and the user will be allocated a separate personal account to replenish.The user can generate a new wallet if required.This ensures complete protection of the input data for the payment between the exchange and the user.If you have your personal Bitcoin-wallet, or currency bitcoin (or any other) on another exchange – just transfer from the wallet or exchange, where there is a cryptocurrency to your personal address provided by the cryptocurrency exchange Yobit.

Withdrawal of funds

Go to the balances section select the cryptocurrency or cash you want to withdraw by clicking on the minus button and select where you want to withdraw this asset by specifying the withdrawal address. For more thorough protection of the confirmation of withdrawal, then you will receive an SMS message with a link to withdraw funds. Please read the rates for withdrawal of funds from the Yobit exchange. To date, the following options for the conclusion are presented:

  • Output to QIWI (max ₽15k) with Commission (7%)
  • Output to AdvCash with Commission (4%)
  • Withdrawal to Payeer wallet with Commission (7%)
  • Withdrawal to RUS VisaMaster Bank cards (max ₽75k) Fee (RUR 70 for each withdrawal + 7% of the withdrawal amount)
  • On Yandex wallet. Money (max ₽15k) Commission (8%) unlimited funds limit
  • On Yandex wallet. Money (max ₽15k) Commission (5%) limited funds limit

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