Zilliqa is a blockchain platform designed around the concept of sharding. Sharding means dividing the network into several smaller component networks that are able to process transactions in parallel.


Zilliqa Review

Zilliqa (ZIL): Cryptocurrency markets are becoming more accessible and analysis is increasing by the day. Gone will be the days when investors jump into crypto to become overnight millionaires and it is the reason some ICOs are doing well while others have been losing value since January. Zilliqa platform is among the few projects that seem to be gaining favor from different facets in the financial services sector.

The ICO which launched in late 2017 has so far had a good Q1 in comparison to its peer coins. One would attribute this to the nature of its protocol; Zilliqa aims at maximizing scalability within the blockchain tech. The platform has been developed using the sharding tech in order interlink more networks.

For a long time the financial services sector has been stagnant with major tech developments until recently when blockchain proved to be part of the future. Zilliqa (ZIL) has taken advantage of this trillion dollar industry that is in constant need of expansion hence the preference for highly scalable platforms. Anyone that has been keen on the crypto markets would notice ZIL has been increasing in market cap and is currently in the top 30, well here is why;

The Zilliqa team proposed the theory of sharding in a paper in 2015, and since then this protocol has been under research, refinement and active development.

Prior to early investment the team proceeded with a one year token swap, where they left their early investors holding the previous tokens up to this date without any solution.

ZIL Price

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