Zpool is a mining pool, a US project, positioned as a leader in profitability among multiples. The official website of the pool displays a list of algorithms, profitability on them, and all 177 cryptocurrencies mined. Miners can almost instantly switch to mining a new currency, while efficiency is not reduced.



There are tabs on Zpool website:

  • Pool – detailed statistics on mining;
  • Wallet – here users will need to enter their wallet, then statistics of cryptomining will be displayed;
  • Graphs – the same statistics only in the form of graphs;
  • information on the miners used;
  • Benchs – statistics, what algorithms are mining, using what equipment, etc.

Given the high profitability, many are trying to rent computing power and to produce with their use. In any case, before, the profit exceeded the rental costs. At the moment, the commission is within 1-2%.


The information is displayed only in English. Information on setting up is displayed on the main page. If users do not plan to work with statistics, it is enough to set up a miner, enter their wallet in the Wallet section and set the threshold for automatic withdrawal of funds.

Check in

There is no registration in Zpool, no need to invent a username, password, email. Users need to set up a miner, start mining, and to access the statistics in the Wallet section by entering their Bitcoin wallet.

The pool does not have its own wallet, so users will have to choose a third-party wallet. Another important nuance — the extracted coins are automatically converted into Bitcoins.

Mining setup

To configure Zpool, users just need to enter a few parameters in the sweater:

  • The host pool;
  • port, it depends on the selected algorithm;
  • login for workers, users do not need to add a worker manually through personal account, and Bitcoin wallet will be used as a login;
  • the currency to mine. If users specify it incorrectly or do not specify this parameter, the miner will randomly select any of the supported cryptocurrencies and will produce it.

On the main page there is a short, but clear instructions for setting up. Users can add an unlimited number of workers.


Mined coins converted to Bitcoins are regularly transferred to wallets. Bitcoin is listed as the only guaranteed payout currency. Zpool produces payments on the following conditions:

  • For PTS payments start from 0.01 PTS daily, the amount of 0.0025 and more output several times a week;
  • for other cryptocurrencies will be converted using the crypto currency exchange partners and then the withdrawal. The limits are set at 0.05 WTS (every 4 hours) and 0.0125 WTS once a day.
  • If the miner is not active on Zpool for more than 6 months, he loses the balance of non-withdrawn money.

Mobile client

Zpool Balance Monitor application is released for mobile devices, and there are 2 versions of it:

  • Free, with ads;
  • paid, without advertising.

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