0xUniverse is the first Ethereum-powered title from 0xGames.

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0xUniverse allows players, who are 22nd-century space explorers, to colonize the planets of a 3D-rendered blockchain-based galaxy. Players begin by purchasing their first planet. After that players can explore the universe by inventing spaceships and discovering new planets. There is profit to be made from that – any planet can be put up for sale at the auction. Generally, the more planets conquered, the more resources (29 types in total) and vessel-building knowledge explorers collect.

First in-game steps

To join 0xUniverse, players need either Chrome or Firefox installed. Also, a wallet that holds some initial capital. MetaMask works perfectly as a wallet here. Once the compatible browser and a wallet in MetaMask are set up, players can start their expansion of the world of 0xUniverse.

Buying a planet

Planets are the central part of the game, and the first thing a player might want to do after the sign-up is to acquire a planet. There is an auction system in place allowing anyone to enter the marketplace, see the “goods” offered and select a planet. Keep in mind there are 4 value types of planets: common, rare, epic and legendary.

Inventing a spaceship

Once a planet is bought, players can start building spacecraft. They need to invent them first, which can be done via the special Spaceships window. That is where players will see their total knowledge accumulated. This parameter is needed to actually be able to invent new types of spaceships. Knowledge is created by the people who inhabit planets (1 person provides 1 piece of knowledge per hour).

Discovering new planets

With a ship invented, it is time for players to build them and send to explore new planets. To build a spaceship, resources and manpower are needed. Resources are transported quickly between planets, so if a player has 50 units of diamond extracted on one planet and 25 on another, and the needed amount is 100, the diamonds will be automatically delivered to the planet where they are needed. It is different for colonists (manpower): the colonists that are to set out on an exploration trip need to be all on the same planet the spaceship will be launched from.

If the expedition is successful, a new planet will be found. If not, the spaceship will be lost. Chances of success depend on the characteristics of the spaceship and the sector where the launch planet is located. The less explored the selected sector of the Galaxy is, the better the chances are of discovering a new planet.


The most valuable thing in 0xUniverse hands down. Simply put, the more there are, the better. Every planet is a unique digital asset with original design and features: number, date of discovery, name, owner, rarity, sector. Each planet is rich in its own way, so the growth rate and composition of resources are different for every planet. The most valuable planets – the legendaries – have their own stories. And they can only be seen by the owner.

The Galaxy

The map of the Galaxy is divided into 1000 sectors (25×40). Each sector contains a group of planets that are close to each other. There are about 1000 planets in every sector, so the maximum number of planets in 0xUniverse is 1000000.

The planet auction

The current in-game expansion laws ensure freedom of trade is observed. Anyone can freely buy and sell planets at the auction.

Players can set the duration of the auction and the starting and ending prices. During the auction, the planet price will steadily fall from the starting price to the ending price. The resources on the planet put up for sale can’t be used during the auction.

The United Earth Government

The United Earth Government is the organization that serves the interests of all humanity. It keeps the auction operational. In exchange for this, the Government collects a tax: 5% from each purchase. Also, the United Earth Government keeps track of the balance of the market. If demand far surpasses supply, the Government expends Earth’s resources to open new planets and add them to the auction.


Spaceships have the following characteristics:

Rank – the level of the spaceship’s technical sophistication (a rank 2 spaceship is better than a rank 1 spaceship, but building it requires more resources)

Power of the engines – expands the search area, in other words, the chances of finding a planet

Power of the radar – increases the chances of finding a rarer planet

Size of the accommodation module – determines the number of colonists transported

Resources – these are needed for construction

Story line

The story of the world of 0xUniverse is revealed in the descriptions of the legendary planets. With each new story, players are able to get an increasingly complete picture of what happened in the galaxy before humanity began its expansion. The description of the planet is visible only to its owner. In order to learn more, players need to buy up the legendary planets or contact the owner and come to a mutually beneficial agreement.

Where blockchain comes in

0xUniverse operates entirely on the decentralized network known as Ethereum. This means that there isn’t a single game server that would save all the users’ data and would be controlled by developers. The game exists independently and operates on thousands of computers around the world, while the data is held securely in the blockchain. Such an architecture guarantees secure ownership of the planets. Players will keep their planets even if the dev team’s office gets nuked.

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