37coins was a bitcoin wallet provider headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. The company launched on December 31, 2013, and announced its closing August 12, 2015. The company created bitcoin technologies for emerging markets such as the Philippines and Singapore, where access to smartphone and desktop PC apps is limited.

Users of 37coins could send and receive bitcoins to their bitcoin wallets, called SMSwallets. The SMSwallets were controlled by SMS/text commands sent from simple feature phones, such as a Nokia 100. Using the system, bitcoins could be sent and received from any bitcoin wallets.


The company developed an SMS gateway system, called SMSgateway. It was an android application that ran on Android phones and connect a country’s local SMS network to the internet. By relaying messages between the SMSwallets and the 37coins server, gateway operators earned a small commission from each transaction that passed through their gateway. There were gateways in over 18 countries.

In May 2014, 37coins announced a partnership with Singapore-based payment processor CoinPip to bring SMS based bitcoin payments to Singapore.



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