From purchase, to sale or send, Rubius offers the complete crypto-payment ecosystem.

The end-to-end solution begins with the Rubiex exchange. There, users can purchase and trade cryptocurrency within an intuitive environment. The exchange leverages extremely low fees to offer greater value than its competitors.

Rubius’ next link in the chain offers users a secure tool to send and receive cryptocurrency. The versatile Aryl wallet serves as both decentralized bank and exchange facilitator. The wallet’s user-friendliness allows for confusion free payments between users, and Aryl’s Volatility Shield protects wallet value by converting unstable cryptos into a preferred, steady currency. The Shield’s streamlined conversions allow users to quickly liquidate their holdings from an exchange without excessive fees or long queues typical of other “cashing-out” methods.

RUBY tokens power this innovative ecosystem. Users who transact with the native Rubius currency receive 50% off fees across all platforms.

Proceeds from the ICO will be used to develop the first crypto network to solve the issues of over complexity, exploitative fees, and volatility. Early investors will benefit from adoption at the premier stage of development, when the coin is at its cheapest value. Eventually Rubius will expand to explore further blockchain solutions outside the financial sector, and RUBY tokens will always be at the heart of these ventures, increasing in utility and demand.

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