aBey is a multi-layered scalable secure model of a programmable blockchain approach to digital currency aimed at large-scale e-commerce systems. Ciprian Pungila (Ph.D.) is the creator, active researcher and co-founder of the aBey Blockchain.

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aBey Basics

aBey is a non-profit foundation that acts as the keeper of the native open-source aBey blockchain protocol and platform. According to the website, aBey’s mission is to “shape the future of eCommerce” by making eCommerce “faster, safer, cheaper and more accessible than ever before.”

The foundation provides and maintains the core technology, a multi-layered, scalable, secure model of a programmable blockchain approach to digital currency, aimed towards high-volume eCommerce systems.

According to a recent press release, the aBey blockchain offers the following advantages:

  1. increased transaction speed of up to 100k transactions per second,
  2. refundable transactions,
  3. intrinsic lending,
  4. support for affiliate marketing referrals and payment of commissions using Trusted Payments Gateways,
  5. payment processing on-chain and a simple crypto wallet.

Philipp Sauerborn, who is listed on aBey’s website as founder and advisor, believes that in the future, eCommerce platforms will have to offer ways how retailers can reward customers for providing quality data willingly. Via aBey, retailers can reward buyers for providing and sharing data, for completing surveys, using offers, making referrals, voting, liking, and any other form of interaction on the platform.

The first adopter of the aBay blockchain is Malta-based aPay Systems, a high-volume online payments processor that provides financial services to individuals and businesses in fiat and digital assets.

aBey was designed and built to be the world’s fastest and most flexible open-source blockchain.

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