AdEx (ADX) is a decentralized ad network based on blockchain (Ethereum and NEO) and smart contracts. It is designed to disrupt and replace traditional digital advertising models by providing a fully transparent, focused solution for advertisers to collaborate with publishers and reach the best potential clients.

The AdEx network is compatible with all devices and operating systems. It runs on ADX tokens that are used by advertisers and publishers for purchasing and selling advertising property. This technology removes the need of a central authority you need to trust.

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ICO start date: 2017-06-30


Technical features

The AdEx token (ADX) is based on Ethereum. The fundamental philosophy of AdEx is it’s balanced/correct use of blockchain. The AdEx Network only uses the blockchain for mission-critical data, such as accomplished conversion goals and payments. That way, it eliminates the opportunities for fraud and lack of transparency when it comes to the critical events; this, in its turn, removes the incentive to manipulate statistics, which will be kept off-chain to allow for bigger volumes of analytics data.

The critical set of smart contracts facilitating the most important interactions between publishers, users and advertisers, is called “the AdEx Core”. The AdEx Core will be kept small and highly modular to mitigate the possibility and impact of potential bugs in smart contracts. The AdEx Core will be made publically available with an open-source license and will go through multiple security audits on every update.

The architecture of the AdEx Core

  • ADXToken: the ERC20 token used to trade advertising space;
  • ADXPublisherRegistry: handles information about publishers, such as accounts and individual /apps;
  • ADXAdvertiserRegistry: handles information about advertisers, such as accounts and individual campaigns;
  • ADXUserRegistry: handles information about end users and their legitimacy;
  • ADXExchange: handles the bidding, bid accept/execute, payment processes; once a bid has been accepted, it locks the ADX tokens until both publisher and advertiser have successfully confirmed the execution of the bid, after which it unlocks the ADX tokens and transfers them to the publisher


AdEx is being developed by a team that has worked together on Stremio, a video entertainment hub that grew from 0 to 4+ million installs in just under 2 years. Lead by Ivo Georgiev and Dimo Stoyanov, the team brings extensive experience in the areas of software development, cryptography and blockchain, video streaming, as well as in marketing and online advertising to the table. These combined knowledge, experience and the professional backgrounds of the founders are essential ingredients for the success of AdEx.


ADX market cap on 10 JAN 2018: $169,289,933

ADX price on 10 JAN 2018: $2.81

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