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Beyondcoin (BYND) is a decentralized cryptocurrency, a fork of Bitcoin intended by its designers to be more feasibly mined using consumer-grade hardware.

Beyondcoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that was developed on the base of Bitcoin and has an open-source code. Unlike Bitcoin, the Beyondcoin blockchain is able to process a greater number of transactions and will be more secured.



Beyondcoin was publicly released by Beyondtoshi on September 15th, 2019 on the popular cryptocurrency forum with a link to the GitHub repository, a coin specification, and our vision. The vision was to create a coin with quantum proofing to solve the issue of digital currency and attacks from quantum computers. To provide a secure form of payment that is more secure than Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Technical Characteristics

The creator of Beyondcoin – Kristian Kramer (Beyondtoshi), a professional developer – took the Bitcoin and Litecoin source code as a basis to create a cryptocurrency that is more secure than Bitcoin and Litecoin. Since the initial launch, Beyondcoin has developed a foundation which is ran by a board of directors including Beyondtoshi.

The full emission of Beyondcoin makes out 84 million coins, which is also 4 times more than of Bitcoin. The start reward for a block is 50 Beyondcoins. The Beyondcoin generation speed reduces twice for every 840,000 blocks. The next block reward halving for Beyondcoin is expected in September of 2023.

Beyondcoin uses the scrypt hashing proof-of-work algorithm, the same as Litecoin. Modern-day cryptocurrency mining equipment used is usually ASIC hardware but high-end GPUs can still be used albeit at a less productive rate.

Beyondcoin also has a decentralized TLD, .beyond which is ran on a P2P network that runs aside the Beyondcoin blockchain.

Main Features

The Beyondcoin cryptocurrency was initially created as a more secure and optimized version of Bitcoin and Litecoin. With the planned soft fork for quantum proofing in mind to create a more stable and secure cryptocurrency that is immuned from quantum attacks.

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