List of Tor hidden services

This is an alphabetized list of notable .onion accessible through the Tor anonymity network. Most are considered services. Defunct services are marked.


Hidden services by category


  • (defunct)
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Email providers

File storage

  • – A distributed anonymous file storage system that places focus on persistent availability of data. The students’ work on the project led to collaboration with to develop Tor.
  • (defunct) – Formerly the largest Tor-specific web host, until the arrest of its owner in August 2013.
  • , a BitTorrent tracker (defunct)
  • The Pirate Bay, a BitTorrent tracker
  • – Allows for small, disposable servers to be purchased anonymously with Bitcoin.



  • — official hidden service about darknet market takedown operations.

Hidden services directories, portals, and information

News and document archives

  • (defunct)
  • (accessible only via )

Operating systems

  • (static content and package repositories)
  • – security-focused desktop operating system
  • – Debian-based security distribution

Whistleblowing / Drop sites

  • GlobaLeaks
  • , a Spanish whistleblowing initiative operated by
  • , an Icelandic whistleblowing initiative operated by
  • , an Arabic whistleblowing initiative operated by
  • , a wildlife-crime initiative operated by
  • WikiLeaks

Nonprofit organizations


  • (defunct)

Search engines

  • , hidden service search
  • Grams
  • , search engine which bypasses to provide free access to scientific and academic research papers and articles
  • The Pirate Bay

Social media and forums

  • – an
  • Facebook
  • (defunct)
  • (defunct)
  • (defunct)

See Also on BitcoinWiki

  • Assassination market
  • Darknet
  • , a secure communications platform for use between journalists and sources. The first implementation was ‘s Strongbox website.
  • Tor2web, to hidden service software