logo was the largest Bitcoin mixing (tumbling) service provider from 2014 to 2017[1]. It operated with its own large reserve of Bitcoins which allows it to facilitate a high volume mixing service, though all data was handled centrally through BitMixer servers, putting privacy at risk. Activity was postponed on July 24th, 2017 due to a change in the owner’s ideology; they stated that they wanted “to make (the) Bitcoin ecosystem more clean”; though some have speculated that this is due to government pressure.[2]



Bitmixer – Largest Bitcoin Mixer About To Stop Working worked with 2014 and in November 2015, the operator said in the commentary edition of The Miracle that the monthly circulation was 65,000 BTC. Each order on the website was accompanied by a digital signature, and the website was also available on the Darknet and Tor network.

Note that on the termination of Bitmaster announced shortly after it was closed the largest darknet sites Alphabay and Hansa. However, as the service operator says, its solution should not be associated with those events. has existed for many years and has been one of the trusted services for mixing transactions. The company provided all users with an additional degree of protection of personal data, despite the fact that the very popular cryptocurrency can not boast of such features. It took a few years before the Bitmixer team finally realized that this is not a omission of developers, but a predefined feature.

In addition, the mixers have gained an extremely negative reputation in recent years. Often they are associated with the organization of criminal activities on the Internet, mainly in the darknet. Popular trading platform AlphaBay even redirect users who wanted to hide the history of their bitcoins before sending a payment through the platform, on BitMixer. Perhaps this relationship and forced officials of law enforcement agencies to dig deeper and look for the organizers of the service.

Information about the closure of the popular mixer appeared on BitcoinTalk. Although the company receives a good income, which is expected, because the mixers do not work for free, the service was closed in an instant. Something is definitely forced the operators to give up the business, although it is not clear what. For the success of bitcoin does not need a transaction on the darknet, that should be obvious. Other mixers continue their work.

Quite intriguing is the fact that BitMixer admits that other cryptocurrencies are most suitable for anonymous transactions. For example, Dash and Zcash are confidential and anonymous cryptocurrencies, and at the same time are more popular for doing illegal business online. Bitcoin has never been designed for this. It will be interesting to know whether the closing of BitMixer will affect the darknet market in the next couple of months.

Until now, Bitcointalk is not very pleased with this decision, which is in principle understandable. Now in the presence of a smaller number of mixers, the whole business will become more centralized. In addition, today there are not so many mixers that users would trust. It’s not like business is going to sell to anyone, which would seem like a pretty stupid decision. It seems that the operators “woke up” and realized that very soon Bitcoin will become a legal currency in many countries. It may be able to offer enhanced privacy, although this has not been officially confirmed by any developer.

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