BitTube is a privacy coin that is based on Monero. Because of this, BitTube has Monero’s privacy aspects to it called RingCT.

BitTube’s goal is to create a decentralized video service where there are never any ads. They want a platform that is always monetized for the publisher and always advertisement free for the user, whether its a video or a live stream. They are also using IPFS which allows for the videos to not be hosted in a centralized data center, but across the globe on many different systems. The mining algorithm is Cryptonight Saber which is a modification of CryptoNight heavy. They also retain 30% of every mined block for their air time service.

“The secret to happiness is freedom, and the secret to freedom is passion. This passion allows us to think outside the box and deliver these products.”

Saber Maram Founder & CEO BitTube


BitTube Review

AirTime℠ rewards users and publishers. Every user running the extension generates AirTime. This rewards them for the time they spend on any web page. The publishers of these pages, including social accounts, earn based on the total AirTime from each visit. Payouts are distributed at a variable rate across all concurrent users globally in real-time.

When a user visits a publisher new to the extension, the system will instantly create a dedicated wallet for that account. Webmasters will be able to install a native AirTime module that enables all users to generate AirTime for their domain, with or without the extension installed. This liberates publishers to monetize their platforms without ads.

AirTime monetizes users and publishers anywhere while browsing the web. It ensures that users no longer have to worry about harming someone’s revenue when using an ad blocker. Publishers will be free to design the best ad-free user experiences without distracting their audiences away from their pages. It is a mutually beneficial, revolutionary win-win solution.

Bittube APP Features

  • Monetize your time while web browsing anywhere.
  • Receive TUBE payments, donations and rewards.
  • Donate to websites and social media accounts.
  • Link with your social accounts and website.
  • Send TUBE tokens to other BitTube users.
  • Create and manage BitTube wallets.
  • Buy TUBE tokens with a Debit/Credit card or PayPal.
  • Analyze statistics about your browsing history.
  • Check all of your transaction history.
  • Block ads, banners, popups and large media files.
  • Advanced adblock filters and rules.
  • Secured by 2-Factor Authentication.
  • Earn TUBEs by sharing a personal referral link.


  • Name: BitTube
  • Ticker: TUBE
  • PoW Algorithm: Cryptonight Heavy Saber
  • Total Supply:
  • Pre-mine: none
  • ICO: none
  • Block Target Time 120sec
  • Decimal Places: 8
  • Difficulty Adjustment: Every block
  • Genesis Block: 2018–01–22 01:21:34

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