ChainLink is a decentralized blockchain oracles service. The digital currency of ChainLink has facilitated the use of contracts that connect to applications, payment systems, transactions. This technology allows users to exchange assets without the involvement of third parties.



Oracles transform information from outside into a form available to blockchain. Digital contracts need to be filled with information from the outside world. Financial contracts should be supplemented with information on market relations. Insurance contracts find the necessary information in IoT relating to insurance claims. In case of investment contracts there is a check of the GPS data. Transactions can be made without the involvement of third parties, if users fulfill the conditions in a certain order.


The launch of the open-source cryptocurrency ChainLink was not successful. The fault was the mistake of the developers in informing investors and in carrying out collective cooperation, in order to raise money and other resources to finance this project. Thus, after the launch, the program worked only 10 minutes, but because of the failure of the company, users accused the creators of cheating.


The ChainLink team is represented by Director Sergey Nazarov and technical Director Steve Ellis and a team of specialists who are engaged in consultation.


  • speed of transactions increased;
  • decentralized currency system;
  • oracles provide safe and secure protection for transactions;
  • external information passes a full scan.


  • questionable transactions conducted by developers;
  • a narrow problem in the processing of smart contracts;
  • the irreversibility of the processes of the transaction in case of errors;
  • unpleasant consequences carries a huge risk of problems.

Link token

The cryptocurrency system uses Link tokens, which provide information security for the user. They read the information streams off-network and thus guarantee the security of the user’s data. The user who has a file with information about the product, payment system or other service can give them to the contract and exchange for tokens.

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