The CryptoBridge exchange was founded in 2017 in the United States of America. For the period of 2018, the trade turnover per day is more than $ 1.100.000. The most active trading pairs by volume for RVN are $ 243,000 GIN $ 96,000 SPD $ 79,000. The development team has focused on trading altcoyins, at the moment there are about 60 options. A distinctive feature of this exchange is that it is decentralized. It is built on a platform of blockade and works by its nature as a cold purse. The exchange exists in any way a site, everybody can download the application to computer and use this application, as well as use this exchange through the browser, but it will always be online.

Check in

When registering through the site of the crypto-bridge, click the Launch IDEX button, it is also possible that the information window will pop up saying that traffic will be encrypted. Next, there is a window, click to create an account and then enter a public name, this is Account name. In the lower two lines there is a password, this is the generation of random characters necessary to save not to lose access to account. There is no two-factor authentication or password recovery on this exchange. After password confirmation there are three more ticks to agree that losing the password results in losing access to the exchange, that password recovery is not available and that the password is kept somewhere safe. After that there is create an account button. After creating account the main page of the stock exchange is available, where users can choose the display language from 10 options.

Sections of the CryptoBridge

  • News section
  • Info panel
  • Exchange
  • Section Input-output
  • Send section

In the News section, information is available: the most current prices for coins that are traded on this exchange and the volume of trades per day. Users can also filter out Coins and hide those they do not operate. There is a separate tab-favorites; popular in the market; the entire full composition. Also at the top of this section there are main news related to any coins or stock exchange.

The InfoPanel tab. In this tab, there are four subsections for the convenience of using exchanges – a portfolio, brigeCoin staking, Open orders, Activity. In the portfolio tab there are operated coins, balance, replenishments and trading volume for 24 hours.

Tab open orders: here are indicated coins that are purchased at a certain price and in a certain amount.

Activity tab. in this tab there are actions that users made on buying and selling to the entrance to the stock exchange, the placement or cancellation of orders, as well as its execution and transfer of coins.

The Exchange tab. This is the main section of the exchange that gives access to trade coins. There is a schedule that can be increased from an interval of 6 hours and ending with an interval of three months. The candle index from 5 minutes to one day is available, and can be customized. Further there are two columns: Buying and Selling coins and the price, the quantity, the commission which is taken for the transaction. At the bottom, there are two columns: Buy Orders and Sell Orders, the depth of the market for bids and the depth of the market on request is available. The bottom two columns are deals that were made, market transactions, open orders. To the right there is everything about coins that are traded on the stock exchange and also the most common pairs.

Section Entering the output. In this section, users can observe all the movements of coins, namely, to output coins, withdraw coins and see the recent conclusions that were made. If there are any questions, there is a section with the Support group. To make an input or output, the exchange will ask you to enter a password to ensure the security of the transaction.

Send section: in this section users can send a certain coin, to the extent that they need another crypto bridge owner. This is an intra-exchange transfer of coins between customers. Users can also specify a note, pay a small commission for the transfer. To transfer they need to Enter the name of the recipient’s account.

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