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DraftCoin (DFT) is a decentralized and open-source cryptocurrency that offers both private and transparent transaction types. DraftCoin payments are published on a public block chain, but the sender, recipient, and amount of a transaction remain private.

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Integral to BTCDraft.com, is a new cryptocurrency designed specifically for the gaming platform itself, and will be used to play games on the website. This coin is called DraftCoin (DFT). Draftcoin will be paired with USD. It is done this way so as the price of Bitcoin fluctuates against USD, it will do the same with DFT. To protect our users from currency value fluctuations, DFT will be fully tradeable directly on Btcdraft.com.

The developers have fully recognised that the cryptocurrency market can fluctuate swiftly and unjustly and not within users favour. Which is why they have integrated their very own exchange on the system so to trade their coin at the click of a button. Users will also be able to trade their favourite coins with Draftcoin with the additional option to vote more coins in to trade with the exchange later. There are plans for Draftcoin to be listed on several other cryptocurrency exchanges.

The concept

Draftcoin will be the first cryptocurrency to take advantage of the esports gaming and gambling industry by merging it with current blockchain technology. The development team plan to revolutionise the way player statistics and high scores are stored, and hope to lead the front for a new era of innovation within their industry. It is primarily designed to encourage users to increase their cryptocurrency portfolios through fun and games.

Draftcoin is a new concept coin, where as there is no reserve for developers nothing set aside for bounties. Any rewards for campaigns or bounties are purchased from DFT market at the current rate and awarded accordingly. Draftcoins purchased from Premined coins will have their respectable BTC added to the orderbook to help support the current market price.


Draftcoin is designed primarily to attract three types of users; Crypto enthusiasts that love a bit of competition, the gaming community award, and hopefully newcomers to bitcoin. The core vision is to encourage new and experienced users to increase their crypto portfolios without needing to do the normal tried and tested trading coins on exchanges. The platform can be a fun and different way to accumulate wealth. Why not build value into cryptocurrency investments while having fun through competitive games?

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BTCDraft.com will host an online Casino where players can stake their Draftcoin for the chance of winning many more. There is a Slots section, where users can bet their Draftcoin on the fruit machines, and there is games and esports where players can participate in games for high portion of the winnings, or, bet on their favourite players. This is an all-in-one fully functional casino / sports betting system for users to play with.

BTCDraft are also are in the midst of developing an auction house that will be used to buy and sell sports related items and memorabilia. The admin team hope to be continually reaching out to game developers to encourage them to list their games for a as-used fee.

Interesting Facts

Draftcoin proudly launched with NO ICO! 15 million out of total of 20 million DFT have been mined and the last 5 million coins will be paid out to clients staking DFT in their personal wallets. 10 million coins will be purchased and held offline, indefinitely, keeping a 10 million Draftcoin balance in the Btcdraft.com reserve wallets for use within the future Casino.

Once DFT is added as a trade-able currency on third-party exchanges, the company will be buying back all available DFT to replenish the house’s supply. DraftCoin is a 75% pre-mined, PoS [Proof of Stake] cryptocurrency used exclusively for the platform directly at http://www.btcdraft.com/index.html

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