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Dropil is a blockchain project established by Zachary Matar and Jeremy McAlpine and headquartered in Belize city. The Dropil company aims to provide its customers with automated solutions for the cryptocurrency market interactions. Dropil (DROP) is also a name of the token, designed to power up a blockchain network of the company.


Dropil project

The Dropil project’s team decided to use a ERC-20 standard to power up their network. Due to this approach, Dropil token shares the Ethereum’s network level of speed and security. It is trackable using Etherscan-like tools and can be sent to every person with an Ethereum wallet. Ethereum network also provides the token with smart contracts.

Ultimately, DROPs are the utility tokens meaning they are used to gain access to the services of the issuer. Because of this practise, Dropil customers are not required to pay any fees or enable recurring payments. One should only have some Dropil coins to use the products of the company.

Dropil token has a limited emission of 30 billion, 60 percent of which were sold during the Dropil ICO. Other tokens were distributed in the following way:

  • 20% remained in the hands of the founders
  • 5% were provided for the Dropil team
  • 15% are held in the Dropil vault

Dropil tokens are used to interact with any of the multiple products of the Dropil company, some of which are described in the following paragraph.

Dropil coin price

The price of DROP token or Dropil coin is always chaining, however, BitcoinWiki gives you a chance to see the prices online on Coin360 widget.

Dropil products review

Dropil Dex

Dex is developed for the automatic and autonomous trading of ones’ Drops in accordance with smart trading strategies, provided by the Dropil company. Dex offers 3 strategies based on the risk of the trading approaches (safe, moderate, aggressive) that are provided by so-called Risk Pools.

Every user participating in Dex is simultaneously contributing to and receiving returns from the pool of his/her choosing. This feature allows Dex to use strategies with maximum diversification. The risk modes’ pools use their own Logic Servers (servers providing the trading strategies) and can switch between them to adopt for various market changes. Logic servers consist of the Bot Systems, which are independently trading on their own accounts, exchanges and trading pairs. However, the overall structure of Dex is subservient to the main control center.

Control center is maintained with constant human oversight in order to prevent mistakes and optimize strategies if needed. Control center has an opportunity to stop all the operations in case there is an untrivival situation that can damage users and needs specific solution. Dex’s financial results, alongside financial results of the Dropil token can be monitored online here. https://insights.dropil.com/

Dropil Arthur

Arthur is a monitoring solution for the cryptocurrency market. It can be used to monitor coins’ market performance, exchange gains and cash-in/cash-out opportunities. Arthur allows the development of the custom complex signals — programs that alert users specifically when the market meets certain conditions. It is well suited to find the best cryptocurrency exchange rate and fees required by the service providing it.

Dropil Max wallet

Max is a smart wallet that enables multiple token portfolio monitoring. It provides users with automatic synchronization of different wallets and transactions. Like Arthur, Max provides complex signals both for both the addresses within Max and remote addresses of the wallets stored somewhere else. When triggered by specific condition and receiving complex signal, Max can send an email or telegram message to the user, providing him with necessary information. Max also offers it services to the customers that store their own keys and don’t want to expose them to the Dropil company. Private keys can be stored

  • end-to-end encrypted
  • with hardware wallets like Trezor or Ledger
  • with a third party system-wide security audits
  • other ways suitable for the customer

In addition to the following features, Max offers recurring payments with specified conditions, wide coin support and easy-rememberable names and addresses.

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