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e-Chat is a social network of a new generation. This is an innovative, global social media that allows users to create and share personalized content to capture life’s moments and easily transfer cryptocurrency. The messenger works worldwide and allows to conduct a call up with to 10 speakers.



Instead of pouring cash into identifying an untapped pain point, e-Chat, and others addresses one that stares them right in the face: the need for consolidation. e-Chat allows users to communicate, engage in financial transactions and even bitcoin, venturing further on a path that apps like Venmo were the first to charter.

Decentralized technology allows for apps like e-Chat and other cryptocurrency wallets the opportunity to limit their access to the information of their users. They issue numbers, letters and words that only the user knows so that only that individual may access their personal financial data and information.


e-Chat – Decentralized Messenger

e-Chat which is a decentralized messenger with a cryptocurrency wallet feature that has a unique protection algorithm. One of their measures to amplify their brand is giving users control of their personal data and finance which cannot be controlled by authoritative brands.

It is that does not depend on servers and government decisions, giving you the maximum security and privacy for your data. While developers behind other chat applications could be pressured by government agencies to give access to stored messages, but people do not have to worry about that with e-Chat.


With more and more mobile payments being made, e-Chat stands out for its support of major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum. Upon registering, users will have access to the app’s excellent features, like its classic messenger platform, finance capabilities, high-quality content, and data protection. Users can make offline payments and transfer money to other users.

While all these features are appealing, there is a lot of competition in the messaging sector right now, especially with the Kik team.

E chat Team

  • Karthik Iyer – Head of South East Asia
  • Vincent Veisman – CFO
  • Edwin Dearborn – CMO
  • Mishima Satoshi – Japan General Manager
  • Alex Vincente – Business Development Manager
  • Audrey Freiburghaus – Blockchain Marketing Manager
  • Lanke Fung – Project Manager
  • Tom Budd – Marketing strategist
  • Jeff Marquass – Advisor


The team promised to include the following functions in the future:

  • Built-in payment system for contactless NFC and QR payments
  • Stream with photo and video content
  • Discrete individual/group chats with 100% privacy
  • Paid channels for bloggers and publishers
  • Changing the appearance for video calls and online broadcasts based on neural networks


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