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Everex is a blockchain technology provider offering global money transfer, payment and currency exchange solutions to financial and non-financial institutions worldwide.



The company is headquartered in Singapore, with offices in Bangkok, Thailand. Everex technology enables its partners to usher individuals and SMEs, with or without access to banking services, into the new global economy and operates real-time fiat payments built on the distributed ledger technology framework.

Everex payment ecosystem brings the best of banking and blockchain universes together.

Everex was amongst the first companies to build applications based on Ethereum technology with its suite of operational products.

e-walletEverex’s e-wallet framework allows purchase, storage, conversion, and transfer of national fiat currencies over blockchain. Payments are managed by financial institutions, corporates, governments and available to SMEs and individual users worldwide. [1]

Ethplorer – Everex’s very popular and widely-used Ethereum token explorer with open API, which is also the backbone of Everex back end infrastructure. [2]

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Chainy – Chainy is independent, open source, Ethereum-based document management and proof-of-existence smart contract (DAPP) offering immutable URL links and messages on blockchain. [3]

Smart contracts – Under regulatory guidance, Everex develops smart contracts to operate and manage transactions for domestic and cross-border transfers, merchant payments, and other financial services.

Global Credit Scoring System – Everex’s existing product suite tracks user transactional and personal data which will ultimately serve as informational basis for the blockchain-based credit rating and lending offerings, expanding the range of financial services available to the customers.


Everex was founded with a vision to power financial inclusion where financial service providers can allow the underserved to participate in the global financial landscape. With years of combined experience in capital markets, payments and financial services software development, the founders previously built a private billing solution for high-risk online payment processing and enterprise grade content management system. Everex received seed funding from Holley Group (China).

In addition, EVX is the utility token of Everex which has a total supply of 25,000,000 and a market cap of $39,789,420 as of February of 2018, trading on 18 cryptocurrency exchanges across the world.

Interesting Facts

Everex’s first cross-border pilot was executed in 2016, between Thailand and Myanmar, with more than 600 sign-ups and more than 100 unbanked users who transferred in total more than THB 1,000,000 as remittance payments using Everex’s e-wallet app. Currently, there are over 10,000 registered users in the wallet with 10M recorded monthly visits on Ethplorer.io website.

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Founded by Alexi Lane, the CEO, the Everex team comprises of expertise in the fields of Finance, Banking, Payment, Interbank FX and Derivatives Markets, Financial Inclusion and Blockchain technology where past experiences include distinguished names like, Bain & Company, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, responsAbility, The United Nations, Shearman and Sterling LLP.

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