FinanceX exchange is a convenient, reliable and secure crypto-trading platform focusing on providing fiat-to-coin and coin-to-fiat trading pairs. FinanceX provides direct access to cryptocurrency with the local currency of a country, starting with their recent launch in Vietnam. The vision? To become the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Southeast Asia, and to firmly place themselves in the Top 10 in the Asia-Pacific region within the next 3 years.

Initially launching in Vietnam, FinanceX aims to open exchanges in Indonesia before the end of 2018, as well as Thailand and the Philippines in early 2019, before expanding further. Each new exchange introduces the fiat of that country. Creating an interexchange network between countries in the Asia-Pacific region is advantageous to users generating high liquidity backed by FNX token (the official token of FinanceX exchange) and shaping an attractive playground for trading.

Unlike other startups who pitch their ICO’s on an idea, FinanceX has a functioning and proven product. The trading core was developed by co-founder, Chien Tran, and his company, Navisoft, back in 2007, taking almost 2 years to create, and having experienced 11 years of successful application.

FinanceX exchange has many more benefits for users:

· Many payment methods (bank transfer, E-wallet (PayPal, Screw, etc.)

· Rapid deposits and withdrawals (less than one minute from bank-to-wallet, no longer than 60 minutes from wallet-to-bank)

· A platform and interexchange network that ensures high liquidity

· Low trading fees (0.3%) and a transparent fee structure

· Real-time trading at high speed (up to 100,000 transactions per second)

· Easy to manage portfolios

· Modern and intuitive user interface that is easy to use

· Security and privacy (notifications about activity, 2FA, KYC, cold wallet storage etc.)

· Stability of a proven system used for many stock and forex exchanges and a real-time monitoring system with 24/7 support

FNX Token

FinanceX will release FNX Token, the official trading currency on the FinanceX crypto exchange. FNX Token is developed on the Ethereum blockchain technology base — ERC 20, one of the best, most popular and stable blockchain platforms available today.

The FinanceX ICO begins on October 15 offering low prices for FNX Token. Users will benefit from a 50% discount on trading fees for the first 6 months with follow-up discounts to apply.

ICO Dates

Round 1: October 15 – October 24

Round 2: October 25 – November 4

Round 3: November 5 – November 15

FinanceX will build towards decentralization when our platform is used for a variety of purposes with the addition of new services in the future.


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