Karbowanec is a Ukrainian cryptocurrency based on Karbo platform. Official site of Karbowanec — karbo.io.



In May 2016 Karbowanec was announced at the popular forum bitcointalk.org. At the heart of the token is the CryptoNote algorithm, which also works for popular cryptocurrency with a high degree of anonymity Monero. Formally, the token is correlated with Ukraine, however, users from all over the world can work with it.

Main features

  • high anonymity of payments;
  • interchangeability of tokens;
  • absence of regulatory bodies in the system;
  • secure transactions with strong encryption;
  • meager fees for transfers.

High anonymity of Karbowanec is provided by the disposable address and circular of signature, which are implemented in CryptoNote Protocol. When using circular signatures, it is difficult to track who in the group signed the transaction. Maximum privacy is achieved in groups with a large number of participants. In addition, all coins are considered interchangeable. The plan is to produce 10 million KRB. The additional emission will be 1.2% per year from the initial mass.


Taras Seredu is beleived to be the creator of Karbowanec. His name is mentioned on Wikipedia. However, there is an opinion that developers decided to follow the example of Satoshi Nakamoto and remain anonymous. On the condition of anonymity, they give interviews to electronic publications. Today about 10 crypto-enthusiasts are working on the project.


Ukrainian cryptocurrency Karbowanec has a market capitalization of more than $ 6 million. One token costs about 1 dollar 30 cents. At the very start of trading in August 2016, the price of one coin was 0.0058 cents. The price approached 1 cent in the beginning of summer 2017. And in November it took a significant level of 1 dollar, while on 22 November one token even cost more than 2 dollars. The website of the token presents a calculator that will show the current price of the coin in UAH, USD, roubles, Euros and Bitcoins.


Karbowanec appeared on trading floors in August 2016. First it was added to Cryptopia. Today it is also possible to buy Karbowanec on the following exchanges: Livecoin, BTC Trade UA. On Cryptopia and Livecoin Karbowanec is traded in pairs with Bitcoin, Litecoin, and USD.


Using CryptoNote technology enables miners to mine Karbowanec with graphics cards and even CPU. For solo mining users will need the software Karbowanec. Mining in a pool can be run directly from the application Karbowanec wallet.

  • XMRig (CPU);
  • Ccminer (NVIDIA GPU);
  • Wolf’s OpenCL XMR Miner (AMD GPU).

List of pools:

  • democats.org;
  • miningpool.org.ua;
  • crypto-coins.club;
  • sberex.com.

New blocks appear on average every 4 minutes. Currently, approximately 5 million tokens have been issued. The reward of miners changes after finding each next block. At the end it will drop to 1 KRB and remain at this level. Currently, the reward is about 20 tokens.


On the official resource users can find classic Karbowanec wallet. There are versions for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. The developers promise to present web wallets, and mobile versions for Android and IOS, as well as a lightweight desktop wallet Karbo Lite Wallet with a simplified interface for users who are not familiar with the blockchain technology. Users can also use the wallet without downloading the entire block chain. To do this, select the remote node in the program settings and restart the software. In this case, since the remote node is under additional load, the node takes a Commission of 0.25%. In the future, it is assumed that the nodes will set the size of the Commission on their own. On the site there is also an option to create a paper wallet to store cryptocurrency.

Where to spend

If there is no desire to invest in long-term debt in Karbowanec, tokens can be spent today. For example, they can be used to replenish a mobile account. There is also a website Karbo-shop, where users can buy souvenirs for coins — mugs, caps and t-shirts with the symbols of the network. A cup costs from 4 to 5 thousand KRB. T-shirts are around 10 thousand tokens. Users can also buy games, perfumes, jewelry and even furniture.


In 2018, the developers re-branded the network and expanded the ways of using the coin. The name was changed to Karbo, in order to facilitate the perception of cryptocurrencies in the global market. The network will switch to an updated version of the Zawy algorithm.

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