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Populous (PPT) is a cryptocurrency and an invoice marketplace built using the latest in blockchain technology. On Populous, invoices are traded through auctions using smart contracts.

The flow of funds within the platform was made possible by the use of customizable stable currency tokens called Pokens. Pokens are tied 1: 1 to the national currencies of the country participating in this transaction. For example: £ 8 GBP represented by 8 Pokens (GBP). All financial transactions between buyers and sellers accounts will be executed through Pokens.


Since Pokens are ERC20 compatible, They allow us to make full use of the intelligent contracts in the Ethereum Blockchain. Using a custom stable Pokens protects buyers and sellers accounts from market volatility. They also allow us to maintain currency from any part of the world without the need for third parties.

Populous Review

Populous (PPT) is providing financial services for invoicing and factoring via a blockchain. The ICO started in June 2017. The objective of Populous is to enable invoice trading on a global scale and taking out all intermediaries of the business.[1]


Populous is based on the Ethereum blockchain, so access is open to a wide range of users. Binding tokens to the popular ERC20 standard allows you to use a lot of crypto-currency wallets for storage and transactions. The issue is planned in the amount of 53 252 246 PPT, but they are provided for the duration of the ICO and for subsequent investment activities. When working within the network will be used Pokens.

To create the necessary list of data about the participant after registration, the system independently analyzes his business. To draw up a conclusion about the reliability of cooperation Populous in real time studying the information of more than 1,500 sources, which allows you to regularly update the current indicators. Apart from the fact that the business periodically reports on the financial status and cash flow, XBRL, includes additional information.

Authorized sellers can list invoices and set minimum prices. Populous analyzes the credit risk of invoices by using the Altman Z-score.[2]

Populous price

On May 23, 2018, price of PPT token was 14,58 USD. The Populous cryptocurrency was on 35th place in the rank of cryptocurrencies.

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