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Productivist ICO
Ticker: PROD
ICO start: 2018-05-16 00:00:00
ICO end: 2018-07-31 00:00:00
Price: 1 PROD = 0.1 EUR
Bonus: 1
Tokens: 61700000
Tokentype: ERC20
Hardcap: 20,000,000 EUR
Softcap: 2,000,000 EUR
Raised: 0
Platform: Ethereum
Distributed: 61,7%
Minimum: 1 EUR
Accepting: ETH, BTC, DOGE, DASH, LTC

Create an open data stream whereby private companies of any scale and individuals can help power the industrial Revolution 4.0.

Productivist’s Blockchain Project aims to innovate the way we currently work, creating a new standard for smart manufacturing production.

Thanks to the Blockchain, our open eco-system will manage the manufacturing 4.0 chain of command, decentralizing the production. A remote, secure, effective solution for manufacturers and their clients ensuring, not only secured data, but also transparency.



Since blockchain was conceptualized in 2008, its enormous potential has become more and more apparent. Indeed its recent success is a silent acknowledgement that the world is ready to explore the opportunity for everyone to contribute to the management of the data stream which governs it. However, the full potential of this awakening has yet to be implemented across the industries. The Productivist solution comes in answer to the enormous power this technology can offer the manufacturing world in general.
The Productivist blockchain project aims to create an open data stream where private individuals and companies of any scale can contribute to power the Indus- trial Revolution 4.0. The manufacturing world has reached a point where the only solution to prevail is heavy investments, relocations and aggressive management. We, at Productivist, wish to offer an open, free and global alternative thanks to technology.
In 2016 we created a collaborative network which connects 3D printing experts to potential clients. This strong and highly skilled network has rapidly grown over the past 2 years and it continues to grow every day. Today we have more than 3000 certi ed Freelabsters, (both companies and individuals) who offer their service to both the private and public sector. The Productivist Block- chain project will not only open the concept of Freelabster to all manufacturing technologies and give them access to a global map of manufacturing capacities but it will also provide security and privacy through its Smart Contract Protocol.

It is clear that the IoT revolution has opened the way for the Industrial Revolution 4.0 making it possible for production to be handled more ef ciently and locally us- ing smaller and smarter units. goal is to create a new standard to a multi-trillion market while maintaining at all times a guarantee of quality, fair pricing and ef ciency.


S1 2016: Freelabster is born in France.
S2 2016: Freelabster open in IT, ES, GER and GB.
Q1, 2017: Important market research leads to new partnerships with major companies.
Q2, 2017: Democratization of 3D printing requires a new and more global approach.
Q4, 2017: The Productivist concept is mature and ready to be devtloped.
Q2, 2018: Productivist Blockchain Pre ICO.
Q1, 2018: Token Sale.
Q3, 2018: The productivist Blockchain Project is launched.
Q1, 2018: Freelabster is migrated to our Blockchain, token can now be used to purchase services.
Q2, 2019: The productivist Solution goes live.
Q4, 2019: The smart device hits beta version.[1]


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Benjamin Pestel Co-Founder & CEO Benjamin Pestel photo 4
Stanislas Gobert Co-Founder & CTO Stanislas Gobert photo 4
Mélissa Ibghi Co-Founder & CLO Mélissa Ibghi photo 4
Mazen Gharbi Co-founder & Full Stack Engineer Mazen Gharbi photo 4
Álvaro Canton Co-founder & Head of Communications Álvaro Canton photo 4
Martha Scott Strategy & Business Developer (EN) Martha Scott photo 4
Han Xu Wang Additive Manufacturing Han Xu Wang photo 4
Benoit Benich System Administrator Benoit Benich photo 4
Nicolas Merle Blockchain Leader Nicolas Merle photo 4
Luc Yriarte, Phd Blockchain Engineer Luc Yriarte, Phd photo 4
Jeremie François, Phd Blockchain Engineer Jeremie François, Phd photo 4
Zine-Eddine Hasni Blockchain Engineer Zine-Eddine Hasni photo 4
Marcos Carvalho Digital Strategist Marcos Carvalho photo 4
Sandro Tavares Designer / UI/UX Sandro Tavares photo 4
Ana Sousa Designer / Illustrator Ana Sousa photo 4
Nicolas Trimardeau Traffic Manager Nicolas Trimardeau photo 4
Patrick Musso Advisor Advisors Patrick Musso photo 6
Jean-Marie Le Sueur Advisor Advisors Jean-Marie Le Sueur photo 4
Daniel Doppler President at Colossal Factory and experienced in artificial intelligence. Advisors Daniel Doppler photo 4
Sébastien Griffon CTO of Play it open, expert in smart contract and traceability application. Ethereum developer. Advisors Sébastien Griffon photo 4
Julien Gobert Payment specialist at Worldline, head of development, International Issuing Back Office Advisors Julien Gobert photo 4
Mathieu Pesin Co-founder OpenWood. Manufacturing in the Blockchain enthusiast Advisors Mathieu Pesin photo 4
Benjamin Fuentes IBM Cloud Garage & Blockchain Advocate at IBM. Certified Hyperledger Fabric mentor. Advisors Benjamin Fuentes photo 4
Alexandre Capetta Advisors Alexandre Capetta photo 4
Luca Benevolo CEO of Cryptense. Blockchain expert & contributor. ICO strategist. Advisors Luca Benevolo photo 6
Kirill Kazakov Marketing Strategy Advisor Advisors 21.51
Nikolay Syusko Communication strategy Advisor. 10 years experience in leading European communications agencies. Helped Coca-Cola, MasterCard, Toyota, Unilever… Advisors Nikolay Syusko photo 4

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