QAN blockchain platform – is an energy-efficient quantum-resistant blockchain platform powered by blockchain fintech brand Centrum Circle. QANplatform uses Lattice cryptography, making it resilient to quantum attacks that are expected to become possible within the next five years, and which all major crypto networks (like Bitcoin, Ethereum) are vulnerable to. The unique Proof-of-Randomness (PoR) consensus algorithm behind it was built with ease-of-use and fast scalability in mind, focusing on the universal usability of the platform.

QANplatform has a high, 1,600 transaction per second (TPS) data transfer rate that makes it ideal for applications which demand high throughput. This means that QANplatform is 100x faster than Ethereum which has only 16 TPS. For enterprises, QANplatform offers high speed private chain with 97,000 TPS.

Owing to the unique Proof-of-Randomness (PoR) consensus algorithm and the low hardware requirements block validation (like mining at Ethereum) is possible with any device – regular notebooks, PCs, smartphones with the mobile app, or even Raspberry Pis. QANplatform lets developers write smart contracts in the language they already know. Demo version features 4 languages (C, C++, Rust, TypeScript) followed by another 13 programming languages in 2020 Q4.


Main product features:

QANplatform has mapped out all the key features needed by industry players, developers and platform users, and combined them into one powerful solution. These features are:

  • Quantum Security: The first quantum-proof blockchain platform that resists the most advanced cyber-attacks in the years to come, based on Lattice cryptography – which means it’s resilient to quantum attacks.
  • User-Friendly: All major languages accepted to write smart contracts. Developers can write smart contracts in the language they already know, thus ensuring fast adoption.
  • Low Energy: Far less computing resources and low energy consumption thanks to the unique consensus – Proof-of-Randomness (PoR).
  • Speed and Scalability: 100 times faster than Ethereum – TPS 97k for enterprise (POA) chains.
  • 5G and IoT-Friendly: Heavy research on 5G-friendliness to benefit from 5G technology.
  • Complete Ecosystem: Each participant is financially motivated [node providers, smart contract developers (generic and specific), validators].
  • Easily Adoptable for Businesses: Fixed transaction prices in FIAT to ensure planning predictability for company CFOs.


  • Name: QAN blockchain platform (short: QANplatform)
  • Symbol / Ticker: QARK
  • Token type: Utility
  • Consensus algorithm: Proof-of-Randomness (PoR)
  • Validation (mining): Even with a mobile phone
  • Total number of tokens: 333,333,000 QARK

Token distribution:

  • Total number of tokens: 33 333 000 (100%)
  • Tokens for sale: 222 222 000 (~67%)
  • Tokens not for sale: 111 111 000 (~33%)
  • Private sale: 39%
  • Public sale: 27%
  • Centrum Circle: 13%
  • Management Coin: 13%
  • Reserve: 7%
  • Bounty: 1%

Fund allocation:

  • Platform development and upgrade: 55%
  • Marketing: 15%
  • General administration and management: 15%
  • Reserve: 10%
  • Legal and regulatory: 5%

QANplatform Token Sale (IEO)

Quantum-resistant QAN blockchain platform is launching an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on the 20th of January 2020 on the freshly debuting BitBay IEO Launchpad. – exchange number 1 in Europe – will become the first exchange offering investors the possibility to buy IEO tokens directly through USD, EUR, GBP and PLN (Polish Złoty) beside BTC, ETH, USDC.

  • Public sale start: 20th of January 2020 (06:00 CET)
  • Public sale end: 23rd of March 2020 (06:00 CET)
  • IEO Launchpad:
  • Pool 1 (sold up for 1 week): 22 222 200 QARK | price: 0.27 USD
  • Pool 2 (sold up for 3 weeks): 44 444 400 QARK | price: 0.33 USD
  • Pool 3 (sold up for 5 weeks): 22 222 200 QARK | price: 0.39 USD

Note: The QARK token price during the IEO is also demand driven. Price will change automatically if the amount of the current pool is sold out. Minimum investment is: 100 USD

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