RenCap proposes to use blockchain technology to facilitate relationships in the business process. In the age of globalization, one and the same business is often done by companies located in different parts of the world, in different countries, where different national currencies are circulating. To pay each other, companies are forced to resort to conversion procedures, while losing time and money. RenCap offers to implement a decentralized platform for financing and investment B2B (business to business – business for business).



The company issues the RNP token, which can serve as a single cash for enterprises participating in the chain of relationships. At the first stage, RenCap proposes to use a token for mutual settlements with enterprises and promises great benefits and preferences. All members can save much on commission on the exchange and on payment by bank card. RenCap is a large Singaporean company engaged in retail, digital technology, agriculture and light industry. The enterprises are mainly based in Singapore and Thailand, but the company plans to expand in Asia. RenCap promises to launch a mobile application that will simplify all the processes of transactions, and constantly monitor the situation. Subsequently, it is planned to use the RNP token for the relationship of companies with individuals – transactions of the B2C type (business to customer).


To implement its plans, the company conducted several stages of ICO. At the first stage, which took place from 16 to 3 April 2018, 3 million tokens were sold. The cost of the token RNP is 0.001 ETH. The second stage was held from 7 to 28 May 2018. 10 million RNP were sold. In the third and fourth stages, it is planned to sell 4 and 3 million tokens respectively. The minimum purchase amount is 100 RNP.

Distribution of tokens

A total of 50 million tokens were issued, which are distributed as follows:

  • 20 million reserve;
  • 5 million — the company’s development and payment team;
  • 20 million — public sales;
  • 5 million — bonus program.

The company plans to buy out its own tokens every quarter at the market price, if the holders have a need.


The founder and chief developer of the team is Terrence Ho, a major businessman, founder and CEO of Shop5 SG. Controls the entire paper production chain from the raw wood stage, owns a network of furniture stores and is a major shareholder in agriculture and rice factory in Thailand. Plans to combine all its own businesses with RNP. The other 6 people of the team represent different directions and are professionals in their field.

Road map

The company presented two possible scenarios of the project development. The first option assumes that the token will not be in great demand. In this case, its cost will still rise from $1 in April 2018 to $1.45 in the 2nd quarter of 2019. The second option is designed for the fact that RNP will immediately win a large market niche. Then its cost will change from $1 in 2018 to $7.51 by 2019.


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