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Chain Works ICO
Ticker: PIC
ICO start: 2018-07-15 13:00:00
ICO end: 2018-07-29 12:59:00
Price: 1 ETH = 13,300 PIC
Bonus: 1
Tokens: 3,000,000,000 PIC
Tokentype: ERC20
Hardcap: 161,250 ETH
Softcap: 2,600 ETH
Platform: Ethereum
Distributed: 30%
Minimum: 0.1 ETH
Accepting: ETH

Numbers of game platforms, YouTube, iTunes and many other businesses make great amount of income by charging content and service fees. However, original platform owners which is users do not get their fair amount of compensation. PIC eco-system’s every acts rewards our users.

PIC’s goal and purposes of creation is to destroy monopolized acts from centralized platform to protecting creators, copyright holders and their rights to compensate as well as distribute user’s income.



Recent ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) of virtual currencies and related cryptographic currencies based on blockchain technology tend to have vague fundraising, currency usage, and business models. Rather, they focus solely on emphasizing their rosy future vision.
PIC intends to destabilize this shaky ICO market and build a new, blockchain-based financial network. Real Media works(TM), PIC’s parent company, has extensive experience working with a variety of governmental agencies and national projects. Their company’s goal is to use our experience and expertise to sign MOThem with a variety of companies and construct a blockchain-based “Real-Life Portal Platform” that is practical and rewarding for users.
Over the past decade, the increasing use of smartphones has grown in tandem with the rise of YouTube, social media, and other content-sharing platforms. Major IT companies providing free services have profited greatly from big data compiled from user search records, and have taken a portion of profits derived from business content under a variety of names on the pretext of ‘fees’.
PIC is now offering an answer to these deep-seated issues. PIC’s goal is to take the profits earned from big data compiled from user data, search patterns, and other personal information and return the value to the users. One example would be transforming all posts, shares, and other social media activity into PIC Dollars, which will be returned to users so that they may be appropriately compensated for using social media platforms. As current social media users take notice of these issues and leave social media services, the reward-based “PIC Entertainment Platform” offers a solution to the current problems.
An ongoing topic of debate in the global online gaming community is whether players or companies should be the ultimate owners of assets acquired by players throughout their games. Such assets include game items, the level of characters, the amount of effort contributed to the growth of a character’s skill set, and the cyber cash spent on a user’s character.
PIC believes that the bad practice of manufacturers and servicers taking possession of gamer assets purchased with cash must be stopped, and these assets should be returned to the gamers themselves. PIC also intends to build a “PIC i-game Platform” that is based on blockchain technology that will allow gamers to retain control of their gaming purchases and transfer assets to create a so-called “borderless game community” environment.
The primary goal of PIC Coin is to focus on “practical use” environment. They predict that as the scope of applicability increases, so will the number of users and the value of the coin. As an example, we will work to make PIC Coin usable for daily expenses such as accommodation, medical expenses, tourism, movies, restaurant and other conveniences. The PIC Coin group has formed a consortium with different companies through MOThem as a step towards our goal to expand the scope of applicability of this coin. Their “PIC Life-Style Platform” connects to a variety of other real life platforms, and we expect to develop this into the first Real Life Portal Platform.
The PIC environment contains two different currencies: PIC Coin and PIC Dollar. PIC Coin will be sold through periods of private sale, pre-sale, and public sale. The maximum anticipated value of this Token-sale is 120 million USD, or 3 billion coins.


April 2018: Whitepaper. Private Sale.
May 2018: Coin Generation Event.
September 2018: PIC Platform Beta service Open.
October 2018: Minmimum Viable Product Open.
November 2018: Launching mobile App.
Q2 2019: Main-net Launch.
Q4 2019: Public Interchain. Combined Platform.[1]


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Kim Hyeongon Co-Founder CEO Kim Hyeongon photo 2.8
Daniel Choi CFO Daniel Choi photo 2.8
Tommy Jeong CTO Tommy Jeong photo 2.8
Jeon Byeongcheol CMO Jeon Byeongcheol photo 2.8
Jeong Unsang Doctor of engineering Jeong Unsang photo 2.8
Damian Kim CSO Damian Kim photo 2.8
Daniel Kim Planning & Management Manager Daniel Kim photo 10.8
JY Lee Co-CEO / CTO at Keypair JY Lee photo 2.8
Kevin CK Lee Co-CEO/CSO at Keypair Kevin CK Lee photo 2.8
Brandon Choi Product Quality Brandon Choi photo 2.8
Kim Hanseam Client Programer Kim Hanseam photo 2.8
Jun Hongwon Game Planning Jun Hongwon photo 2.8
Park Gwangsu Cartoonist / Writer Park Gwangsu photo 2.8
Kwon Youngyoon Legal advisor Kwon Youngyoon photo 2.8
Hyeon Jaeik M&A Advisor Advisors Hyeon Jaeik photo 2.8
Yeom Sanggyu Promotion Director Advisors Yeom Sanggyu photo 2.8
Bae Seonggon Game Director Advisors Bae Seonggon photo 2.8
Byeon Seonghyeok Illustrator Advisors Byeon Seonghyeok photo 2.8
Bae Gyeongsu Center Producer of KBS drama station Advisors Bae Gyeongsu photo 2.8
Oh Dongha Movie Director Advisors Oh Dongha photo 2.8
Min Gyeongtak International lawyer Advisors Min Gyeongtak photo 2.8
Lee Jongwon Actor Advisors Lee Jongwon photo 2.8
Seo Jiseok Research Lead Advisors Seo Jiseok photo 2.8
Jeong Uk Actor Advisors Jeong Uk photo 2.8
Oh Junyeong Composer/businessmen Advisors Oh Junyeong photo 2.8
Bae Seokgyeong Graphic designer Advisors Bae Seokgyeong photo 2.8

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