Sint is a platform designed to conduct operations on cryptocurrency exchanges both in fiat money and cryptocurrencies.



It is this platform that can provide users with a solution that has not yet existed in the cryptocurrency market. In order to make the cryptocurrency market much more accessible to ordinary people, the project was able to combine it with the financial market.

Principle of operation

In order to make the exchange process users should just follow a simple algorithm, which consists of 4 steps:

  1. the user selects the desired cryptocurrency from the list;
  2. specify a valid address in order to receive money;
  3. deposit money in just a fraction of a second using a bank card. All the money will be already on the account;
  4. after that, all the money can go to the account in the form of selected cryptocurrency.

The user interface is very simple and accessible to everyone.


The platform is a good tool for both beginners and more experienced users who come to the cryptocurrency market. Such a platform easily allows useres to transfer funds in cryptocurrency. Today, such a platform makes it easy to transfer any monetary assets into digital currency. All the profits that the user receives can be easily withdrawn into fiat money, thanks to the use of the platform. This system is easy to help fight the gap that is between bank accounts and huge cryptocurrency exchanges.


Tokens used in the platform are a very important part of any service, which not only allow a very good functioning, but also thanks to them a huge number of operations can be carried out. Today, Sint tokens are attractive for a large number of investors. The token uses the highest quality, secure and proven Ethereum blockchain technology. In order to get at least a minimum level of profit from possible arbitrations, the token has become an important part of the service. All traders can get a large level of benefit from the listing of this token on other cryptocurrency exchanges. During the sales period, it is planned to sell about 82% of all issued tokens. The main tool that is used to distribute and sell tokens is the pre-sale period. All transactions with Sint cryptocurrency can be anonymous. After payment for the service with regards to the transfer, the user conducts the usual conversion or transfer, as with the use of any possible cryptocurrencies. All transactions work in real time and are committed literally immediately. It does not depend on where the user is or where the money should be sent. Customers do not need to use third parties. All payments are immediately recorded in the blockchain chain, so the level of risk becomes minimal. Peer-to-peer network is used, so no account can be blocked. Only users can participate in these transactions.


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