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Squarex ICO
Ticker: SQEX
ICO start: 2018-09-01 00:00:00
ICO end: 2018-10-01 00:00:00
Price: 1 ETH = 1000 SQEX
Tokens: 68,730,000 SQEX
Tokentype: ERC20
Hardcap: 59,508 ETH
Softcap: 16,600 ETH
Platform: Ethereum
Distributed: 79%
Accepting: ETH, BTC, ETC, ZCASH

SQUAREX is developing a platform to enable buyers and investors buy safe and liquid real estate at early stages of construction without real estate developer’s and agency’s added costs, control construction funding via oracles at decentralized crowdbuilding program based on smart-contracts that is ran by user community.



The SquarEx solution assumes the creation of an Ecosystem of circulation of square meters of constructed and fnished buildings with an exceptional architecture, an exceptional ecology, high investment attractiveness and afordable cost.
To enter the ecosystem of SquarEx, architectural projects must undergo a due diligence procedure, which eliminates risky projects. Auditors conducting the procedure are selected by Branch-Curators. In the Final Vision, Branch-Curator can be any holder of tokens who blocked their own tokens and who is interested in the Branch development process.
Afer that, projects can place their tokens during the Initial Square Ofering on the SquarEx Exchange. In the Final Vision Initial Square Ofering is the process of placing square meters of construction projects on the SquarEx Exchange.


20013-16: R&D PERIOD
Feb 2018: MVP ready
Spring 2018: PRIVATE ROUND Attracting first funds Registration of legal entities Staffing
Summer 2018: RELEASE 0.1
Crowdbuying platform with auction for real estate booking based on smart-contracts and mechanism of real estate listing (ISO).
Sep 2018: ICO
Fall 2018: RELEASE 1.0
Implementation of local branch-curators to the platform.
ISO-tokens (real estate tokens) function as a discount sertificate and cannot be directly converted into real estate ownership.
Rewarding participants of booking auction with SQEX tokens after auction is finished.
Winter 2019: RELEASE 2.0
Launch of DAO logic within the platform.
Extending the functionality of the SQEX token that incudes mandatory use of SQEX tokens to purchase at least 30% of the real estate tokens during initital offering (ISO).
Local SQUAREX branches are paid for listing of real estate projects on SQUAREX with SQEX tokens
Summer 2019: RELEASE 3.0
Construiction participants (builders, architechts, etc.) can lock their SQEX tokens as a safety deposit. In case their work was not accepted by local branch-curators, they can be penalized for amount of tokens they locked.
Implementation of SQUAREX super-curators to the platform who are elected from SQEX token holders.
ISO Tokens become tokenized square meters of real estate convertible into ownership right.
Realease of smart-contract for cunstruction funding control.
Built-in trading platform to exchange ISO and SQEX tokens. Extra liquidity for real estate tokens.
Winter 2020: RELEASE 4.0
Going fully decentralized. Release of a decentralized crowdbuilding platform. Real estate development within SQUAREX platform is now controlled by community.
Mandatory use of SQEX tokens to purchase is now at least 50% of the real estate tokens during initital offering (ISO).
SQEX token holders can now become auditors, who conduct due-dilligence of real estate development projects listed to local branches.
ISO – token holders can become Project Curators, who control funding of the construction.
Implementation contractors’ bidding. That should be held before listing real estate development project to the platform in order to determine it’s price.
Winter 2021: RELEASE 5.0 SQUAREX Final Vision
Release of smart- peer-to-peer mortgage of tokenized square meter’s on SQUAREX platform.
ISO tokens can only be purchased for SQEX tokens during initital offering.[1]


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Igor Vasilyev Founder, CTO Igor Vasilyev photo 5.8
Viacheslav Gnetkovskiy Fullstack developer Viacheslav Gnetkovskiy photo 3
Vitaliy Sorokin Blockchain developer Vitaliy Sorokin photo 3
Timur Evgazhukov Backend/blockchain developer Timur Evgazhukov photo 3
Daniil Aleksandrov Fullstack developer Daniil Aleksandrov photo 3
German Novikov Frontend developer German Novikov photo 3
Roman Nesterov Devops Roman Nesterov photo 3
Kirill Kotilevskiy Founder, CEO, Developer of business logic Kirill Kotilevskiy photo 3
Boris Sarmatov Community coordinator Boris Sarmatov photo 3
Sergei Lebedev Chief Lawyer Sergei Lebedev photo 3
Ihar Heneralau Head of Business Development US/EU Ihar Heneralau photo 3
Julia Tsyganova Strategic communcations Julia Tsyganova photo 3
Ryan Plummer Adviser Director at Ten-X Commercial Advisors Ryan Plummer photo 3
Dr Vita Kadile International Marketing Adviser, United Kingdom Advisors Dr Vita Kadile photo 3
Michael E. Scheinberg Adviser Advisors Michael E. Scheinberg photo 3
Bob Burke Adviser Advisors Bob Burke photo 3

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  1. http://squarex.io/

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