Viacoin is an open source cryptocurrency derived from the Bitcoin procedure. The cryptocurrency supports entrenched consensus with a comprehensive OP-RETURN of 120 bytes. The coin supply is 23 million, but mining rewards also happen every six months (biannually). The coin entered the crypto market in 2014.

Technology Specification

The coin is proof of work (POW) and Script based. It launched in an effort to fix Bitcoin’s structural issues, especially the delays. These are owing to blockchain delay and it prevents microtransactions. Presently, the developers of the digital coin wish to learn from the mistakes of other cryptocurrencies. They have used inventive technology to make the currency more safe and competent. One of these inventive technologies is the SegWit technology. The Segwit technology has maximized this cryptocurrency’s ability and minimized its UTXO set. Presently, the Viacoin is 25 times quicker than Bitcoin at a rapid speed of 24 seconds per block.

The cryptocurrency uses C++ and Python 3, a modernized code. The company has additionally developed a hierarchical deterministic key invention technology. It makes it easier for currency users to reset and secure their wallets. In addition, Viacoin is now well-matched with the B19P program and it is great news for miners.

Source: Viacoin Review by Cryptowisser

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