Solve Care

Solve Care is a global international blockchain-based platform that offers a more efficient way to administer health care. Solve.Care is a link between patients, public and private medical institutions, insurance companies and health care brokers. Solve Care offers to unite patients and doctors on a single blockchain platform to reduce treatment costs and make it more effective.



The purpose of the platform is to improve the results of treatment of patients, to reduce costs in the field of health care, to allow patients to manage their decisions in the field of health care.

Solve.Care plans to automate many processes and reduce annual health care costs. The platform fights against abuse and fraud, provides transparency of medical care management.


Features for patients:

  • Schedule an appointment
  • Understand their health insurance
  • Get access to health services 24/7
  • View and pay bills

Features for doctors and medical institutions:

  • Control techniques
  • Issue prescriptions online
  • Coordinate with specialists
  • Permanent access to records
  • Features for employers:
  • Manage social payments
  • Reduce costs
  • Offer employees affordable social packages
  • Features for insurance companies:
  • Establish and facilitate contacts between all participants
  • Make treatment more personalized
  • Receive accurate and timely payments
  • Reduce the cost of centralized systems

Solve.Care allows users to get away from the bureaucracy and remove unnecessary links between the patient and doctors, insurers, medical institutions.

In order to manage their health care solutions on their own, the patients must install a Care.Wallet and Care app.Cards on their smartphone. Through the app users can make an appointment, get advice, track their expenses and enjoy all the features of the platform. The user pays 10% of their health expenditure for Solve.Care with internal tokens CAN.


There is no finished product yet, but there are first results of work. Company results in the first quarter of 2018:

  • 31 000 registered wallets
  • the community includes 35,000 people
  • product release is scheduled for summer 2018


The Solve Care platform consists of 5 parts:

  1. Care.Wallet is an application on the blockchain, connected to other wallets in the system with the help of Care.Protocol. Care.Wallet studies user settings, can automatically synchronize with other wallets and coordinate the relationship between the user, medical institutions and insurance companies.
  2. Care.Protocol – a Protocol that provides communication between client systems. One of the biggest challenges of the health system is the coordination of all parties and the exchange of necessary information at the right time.
  3. Care.Cards – applications in Care.Wallet for effective coordination between the parties. Care.Cards are downloaded from the app store from the Care website marketplace. They enable the integration of artificial intelligence into the healthcare management automation platform, process transactions and provide personalized information to wallet holders. The cards are organized as a deck and ordered by type, episode, provider, and time period; they provide access control and contain a history of all previous accesses. The cards are used at all stages of medical care.
  4. Care.Coin (CAN) ⎼ means of payment for online transactions. Blockchain token CAN is based on Proof of Service. This model records all events in the blockchain system: access to a doctor, medical care, prescription, billing, etc.
  5. Care.Vault is a control module for data processing inside the platform and external systems. Care.Vault provides a logical organization of data between any two protocols (doctor — patient, employee — employer, insurer — insured person, etc.) regardless of the origin and format of the data and builds all the data (local or reference) in a single hierarchy. It can be connected to any pair of protocols: the module automatically accepts all rules of relationship between this pair.

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