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AAA Coin is a speculative PoW / PoS altcoin with CPU mining capabilities and PoS minting at the rate of 100% per annum on staked coins. Net profits from ICO will go towards elimination of terminal disease.

AAA COIN was listed on a cryptocurrency exchange on October 22, 2017 and AAA Token can be bought and exchanged using BTC.[1]

The ICO started 10/10/2017 and prematurely finished 11/28/2017. The developer of the coin is Alex Povolotski.[2].


AAA Coin Review

AAA Coin lets you make money by mining the coin for a 99 coin block reward. Then, you mint new coins just by holding them in your wallet, in which case you receive a return of about 0.3% per day (about 100% annual returns).

The point of the coin is to make money. Here’s how the whitepaper explains the moneymaking process:

“Making men rich is accomplished through easier than Bitcoin mining and 100% annual interest (~0.3% daily) on existing AAA COIN holdings, effectively doubling your money every year. In addition to the 100% annual interest (~0.3% daily) through Proof of Stake (PoS), the market price increase of the AAA COIN is designed into itscreation through limited supply of coins that could be mined through Proof of Work (PoW).”

Meanwhile, the money from the ICO will go towards good causes. The company claims they’ll spend it on strategic global initiatives to prevent disease and extend human life. Just like we’ve made disease-resistant plants, AAA Coin envisions a future with disease-resistant humans. Neither the whitepaper nor the website mention any specific causes or organizations.

  • Proof-of-stake is used instead of Proof-of-work where holding coin in your wallet and running wallet 24/7 contributes to the blockchain network. As a reward, your coin grows at 100% annual return on staked coins (~0.3% a day);
  • AAA COIN can be mined with a laptop, no GPU required;
  • Starter nodes are housed on secure and automatically scalable Amazon servers;
  • Windows and Linux hardware wallets are ready and can be used for transactions as well as PoS. Can be downloaded from AAA COIN website.

Coin parameters

  • Name: AAA COIN;
  • Symbol: AAA;
  • Algorithm: Scrypt;
  • Type: PoW/PoS;
  • PoW block reward: 99 coins;
  • PoW and PoS reward time is just 1 hour;
  • Last PoW block 10,000;
  • PoS percentage: 100% per year;
  • Coinbase maturity: 1 block;
  • Transaction confirmations: 7 blocks (most exchanges require 6. IBM research into blockchain has suggested 7-12 confirmations. 12 is too long, 7 is secure and quick);
  • Difficulty PoW: 0.00024414;
  • Difficulty PoS: 0.00024414;
  • Block age: 10 days;
  • Total coin supply: 138,600,000 (100%);
  • Coins available through Initial Coin Offering (ICO): 97,020,000 (70% of total coin supply);
  • Limited number of coins available for mining: 41,580,000 (30% of total coin supply).


The AAA Coin ICO began on October 10, 2017. A limited pre-sale took place in the week leading up to the ICO. The ICO lasted 90 days. Anybody was able to purchase AAA Coin using PayPal, credit cards, and most major cryptocurrencies.

During the first day of the ICO, the tokens were priced at $0.50 USD. During the second day, they’re priced at $1. For every additional day, the price increased by 1%. 70% of the total supply of coins have been available through the ICO. That means 97,020,000 of the total supply of 138,600,000 were available.

  • ICO daily price increase 1% (i.e. if today 1 AAA COIN could be bought for $1, tomorrow, the price will increase to $1.01, and in 30 days to $1.33);
  • First day ICO incentive 50% off (1 AAA COIN = $0.50 USD fiat currency);
  • Good cause and good karma: 100% of net profits will be used towards elimination of terminal disease (i.e. Prostate Hope);
  • Accepted methods of payment: all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex), PayPal, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC)

How to mint your own AAA COIN

  • Download wallet;
  • Buy coin on and transfer coin to your hardware wallet;
  • Run wallet 24/7 to mint more coin;
  • Trade and speculate coin on exchange.

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