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Education is at the heart of human society. Throughout history, schools have empowered people to develop and reach progress. And yet, paradoxically, as we venture deeper into the Information Age we seem to reach an impasse: universities around the world are proving too bureaucratic to keep up with the vertiginous pace at which groundbreaking technologies like blockchain reach the masses.

In times of rampant disinformation and traditional educational establishments that fail us, the need for an education that can keep up with innovation is urgent.

Crypto University

Crypto University could become a academy for people living in the digital world, the world of future. They would be able to get knowledge about Bitcoin technology, blockchain, the newest economy, perspectives of the world, etc. Crypto University is able to adapt to rapid changes very quickly, so no information will be out-of-date or irrelevant.

The prerogative of the Crypto University is to develop an independent and totally decentralized system allowing people to self-develop and adjust to new knowledge. No censorship or manipulation anymore. Moreover, it won’t be closed, deprived of funding, etc. Students and professors having a different opinion will never be excluded.

Crypto University Concept

Crypto university – blockchain education – bitcoin

Crypto University has the following layers: a student campus, a WIKI library, and a faculty. The campus layer contains all the project courses. Professors develop the courses and divide them depending on crypto topics. The courses are free or can be available for tokens. In case you want to enroll in a token course, you are to exchange tokens for respective amount of course hours.. After deducting a small percent, it will go to the authors of the classes. Active students are able to get a scholarship.

Users can receive tokens by writing different articles on crypto topics, creating classes, and other activities involving sharing knowledge with other members of the community. A WIKI library is the knowledge base of the University, it contains articles and discussions.

All educational programs pass through a crowd source verification procedure to be of the top level. The faculty layer supposes the best educators to design classes for users and be rewarded with tokens for that. The main goal is to create an education system of future, censorship and political manipulation free.

WIKI Token

WikiToken – crypto university

Future students participate in the WIKI project life, they read articles, study topics, and share their experiences. These activities allow students to get their first WIKI tokens. The tokens can be spent on new blockchain technology courses and programs. Thus, students will be able to build their own courses. All the content will be proofread , so no more lies will come through. New authors can be also rewarded with the tokens received in return.

Bitcoin courses
Bitcoin university

Among various problems with traditional universities of today something new and innovative is going to happen. A totally decentralized Crypto University is going to challenge a modern system of education by offering a censorship and informative manipulation free system of education.

People and the community will have a unique chance of getting a relatively low-cost crypto education based on the latest and non-distorted information. When studying hard, anyone is able to get a special scholarship. That ecosystem is not only a project, but a structure for self-development. Moreover, it is international and available for people worldwide, while being translated into 11 most popular languages and 8 more. All the participants will have an access to nearly 4,000 unique articles on various crypto topics. Most people have heard of blockchain, but still have no idea what it is. Now they have an opportunity to understand rapid world-changing processes. That’s a chance for people globally to stop living in the world of illusion and leftist information.


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