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Angry Panda is a cryptocurrency project that aims to protect investors from the inherent risks in investing in cryptocurrencies, guaranteeing almost the whole value paid for their own coins. In addition to giving greater security and confidence to investors, it is designed to facilitate and encourage the daily use of cryptocurrencies providing fast, cheap and secure ways to send payments.



Protect investors from the inherent risks in investing in a cryptocurrency, facilitate and encourage the daily use of cryptocurrencies as payment method.


Be the most safe, reliable and trusted cryptocurrency project and a leading model to accelerate the grow of the cryptocurrency world.

Risks in investing in a cryptocurrency

  • Extreme volatility
  • Cryptocurrencies don’t fall into the “currency” category
  • Bubble
  • Cryptocurrencies are not regulated
  • Frauds abound
  • Failed projects without refunds

Key solution

We provide cryptocurrencies that include a guaranteed minimum repurchase price linked to fiat currencies, USD and EUR, and that can also be traded with all the others existing cryptocurrencies without price limits. As a result, it is both possible to trade to make profits and, above all, investors are protected against loss of value of their coins through our guaranteed price – in USD and EUR – mostly during down trends and bear markets.

Therefore, the key solution of our project consists in a refund of almost all the capital invested in our coins (about 95%) through an automatic repurchase system. In fact, when we sell our tokens, we also put a buy order for the same amount. In this way, when a trader needs to sell, he can receive back its money in USD or EUR through our immediate and automatic repurchase at the fixed guaranteed prices, at any time and for any amount.

Angry Panda tokens

Angry Panda project includes the issue of 4 different tokens on Waves Platform:

Decentralized exchange

The decentralized exchange allows users to trade any pair of tokens without an intermediate currency.

Furthermore, transactions are confirmed in few milliseconds and are extremely cheap (less than 0.001 Waves, around 0.002$ today).

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