Arbidex cross-exchange arbitrage platform. Founded in 2017, headquartered in London. Arbidex aspires to minimize trading risks by accumulating liquidity from all major cryptocurrency exchanges and completely automate the arbitration process for the user. It is basically a trading platform designed to aggregate in one terminal crypto-assets and liquidity from all major exchanges with a capability to search for arbitration options and automatically implement them. The platform is able to analyze thousands of crypto-currency pairs and find most favorable ones making up to 2-3% revenue. Cointelegraph named Arbidex one of the best solutions to facilitate access to the new assets.



In 2017 Arbidex founders have started Solidity Foundation OÜ, provider of a service of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency and provider of a virtual currency wallet service. Basically it was an investment fund in crypto. Then they have realized, that Solidity Foundation needs to maximize profit of the investors. That is how idea of Arbidex was born.

The title “Arbidex” means arbitration algorithms on the trading platform, which will be turn into a crypto exchange, and in the future – a decentralized exchange.

In 2017 Arbidex CEO Kamilya Arslanova organized the largest blockchain hackathon judged by Ethereum CEO Vitalik Buterin.

In January 2018 Arbidex successfully completed the token sale and raised 16 mln USD (100%) of hard cap.

Arbidex business model

Arbidex connects to exchanges using an API interface, receiving and analyzing up-to-date data: asset prices on each particular exchange are in real time. Trading is executing by robots, using futures arbitrage strategy. Since Arbidex has bilateral agreement with exchanges, Arbidex users get lower commissions on each exchanges. In return, crypto exchanges receive the liquidity and increase their volumes.

A trader using Arbidex does not have to pass KYC procedure on every exchange – he or she can do it once on Arbidex platform.

Arbidex platform has a commission as well – but genuinely lower than the commission on any exchange.

Arbidex is integrated with number of crypto exchanges such as Bitfinex, Okex, Bittrex, Poloniex, Huobi, Quoine. Soon there will be added more exchanges. It enables users to earn using the difference of rates on different exchanges. Arbidex makes rate analysis 1000 times in a second, so the trader always can catch the spread.

ABX token

The ABX token is the fuel for Arbidex arbitrage that gives access to premium platform features, at the same time being an internal settlement facility with an integrated discount for Arbidex service and the right to participate in the platform development. In late October 2018, ABX token price went up 120% percent on good volume above average (according to Coinmarketcap). Functions of ABX: -Reduced commissions. -Increasing arbitrage deposit amounts and monthly trade limits. -Access to auto-arbitrage. ABX can be bought on multiple crypto .


The Single Window Trading — tool allowing Arbidex users to trade on the major exchanges with all-in-one interface interfaces.

Single Window Trading (SWT) makes trading on the crypto-currency market more comfortable and profitable for each participant. It provides possibility to trade on major world exchanges via single account and is able to analyze thousands of pairs of crypto-currency and find the most profitable chains, earning up to 2–3% from each.

SWT also eliminates the need to create accounts at different exchanges and to pass long verification processes at each one of them. As for November 2018, Arbidex SWT system is integrated with Bitfinex, OKEx, Bitmex and Binance.

Referral program

Arbidex has referral program and special promocodes. Usually project offer 3.5% cash back and 3.5% in ABX tokens from ABX token purchase deal for any ambassador. Referral link can be created by any user into Arbidex personal account. All the special promocodes are often published in project’s social media.

Interesting facts

Arbidex has the fastest robot on the Bitmex exchange.

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