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Ark (ARK) is a universal innovative platform designed to popularize and simplify as much as possible the processes of mutual relations, cooperation, and calculations in the virtual space. Ark has its own virtual sign-Ark token, which carries a monetary value.

Ark project was launched at the end of 2016. A huge team of 27 people is working on its launch and further promotion. Ark defines his mission as the proliferation of blockchain technologies among the broad masses of the population.

Note that Ark is not a traditional virtual currency. It is an entire ecosystem, a safe platform for adaptation. The company has ambitious plans: to stimulate the mass adoption of crypto money by offering those tools that will be useful and in demand by users. The new project has its own currency – ARK coin.


What is an Ark?

What is Ark in a Nutshell

Ark (ARK) is a platform for consumer adoption. It is not just a cryptocurrency – it is an ecosystem meant for cryptocurrency mass adoption. Ark has a powerful core that allows transactions to take place with an eight-second block time. In addition, full decentralization is a distinctive feature of the project. Ark is also working to ensure anonymity[1].

Features Ark does not end there. The project also uses its own Smart Bridge technology, which allows Ark to communicate with other blockchain technologies.

In addition, a large number of tools from this project are being developed, the purpose of which will be to distribute not only its own cryptocurrency but also digital money in General.

ARK Launched ARK Deployer which works as a graphic tool to create own Blockchain with using programming languages such as Java, Python, Ruby, Swift iOS and more.

To explain more easily than good Ark, we list its advantages:

  • decentralization and anonymity;
  • high-reliability level;
  • a decent level of protection;
  • the universality of its currency;
  • constant work on the development of new services and tools.

However, Ark’s drawbacks also exist:

  • there is always a chance of losing your investment;
  • the possibility of hacking;
  • the lack of security of electronic money, which greatly complicates the prediction of the further development of coins.

To be honest, these disadvantages apply not only to Ark but also to other cryptocurrencies.

Ark Team

As already mentioned, the development of this project involved a huge team – 27 professionals in the field of blockchain technologies, most of which were previously involved in the creation of large-scale projects.

Among the experts who created Ark – Francois Xavier, who has long held the position of chief programmer e-currency Lisk, and now manages the Department of development Ark. Also joined the team of professionals who previously engaged in the development of infrastructure network Bitshares.

ARK Coin

The price of ARK token is always chaining, however, BitcoinWiki gives you a chance to see the prices online on Coin360 widget.

  • ARK market capitalization on 15 April 2019: $72,524,519 USD
  • On the 15th of April, the ARK token price was $0.66 for a coin.


ARK coin is available on the following exchanges:

  • Bittrex (ARK/BTC)
  • Binance (ARK/BTC /ETH)
  • Upbeat (ARK/BTC /KRW)
  • Bit-Z (ARK/BTC)
  • Cryptopia (ARK/BTC /USDT /LTC)
  • (ARK/EUR)
  • CoinSpot (ARK/AUD)
  • CryptoMate (ARK/GPB)
  • Coinswitch (ARK/Multiple)
  • BuyUCoin (ARK/INR)
  • Abucoins (ARK/BTC)
  • Livecoin (ARK/BTC /ETH /USD)
  • Godex (ARK/Multiple)
  • SimpleSwap (ARK/Multiple)
  • Exrates (ARK/BTC /ETH /USD)
  • Changelly (ARK/Multiple)
  • Coindirect (ARK/Multiple)
  • Bitladon (ARK/Multiple)
  • Kaiserex (ARK/Multiple)
  • Altilly (ARK/BTC /ETH)
  • Cryptofacil (ARK/BTC)


  • Sending ARK (normal transaction): 0.1 ARK
  • Voting: 1 ARK
  • Unvoting: 1 ARK
  • Registering 2nd passphrase: 5 ARK
  • Registering a delegate name: 25 ARK


Experts working on the development of the project suggest that its further improvement will allow the platform to provide users with such features:

  • payment for goods or services from anywhere in the world;
  • converting Ark tokens to other currencies – both cryptographic and real;
  • create customized maps that will have ultra-secure protection;
  • introduction of the bonus program for token holders.

It should be noted that everything that is done by the Ark project team is done with a single goal – to create a single system that combines a variety of services and tools. If they succeed, the company’s support and high liquidity of ark cryptocurrencies are provided.

  • Developers claimed about The Ark Virtual Machine which will allow users to issue ARK Smart Contracts which are similar to Ethereum.
  • Also developers are launching contactless chip wearable devices and hardware wallets after v2 modules are completed.

ICO start date: 2016-12-11

More information in the project whitepaper:

Ark Wallet

Ark project launched two types of wallets: desktop and mobile. The desktop HD wallet supports Ledger Nano S secure hardware wallet. ARK wallets connect to fully synced network peers removing the need to download the full blockchain. The wallet is developed for Microsoft, Linux, and MacOS. There is also a mobile version of the wallet where users can check their balance, send and receive funds (Android, iOS versions).

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