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B2Broker is a provider of liquidity and technology solutions for the brokerage and exchange industry. One of the main products of the company is the B2BX.exchange trading platform. The launch of the platform was in the summer of 2017. In the process of working on the payment system, the developers decided to create a service not only for the B2BX.exchange platform, but also a completely independent product – B2BinPay.



One of the significant problems that B2Broker developers wanted to solve was the infrastructure problem. It seems that the broker, especially in high-tech markets like forex, CFDs and cryptocurrencies, has some serious background. But very often such brokers are created by former top managers from these companies (people who have found an investor and want to invest in this business.)

B2Broker is a company that solves the infrastructure problem. Developers focused on infrastructure products with a very strict focus on forex and CFD brokers: a personal account, liquidity, cross-connections, copy-trading systems, cross-platform solutions for various trading platforms and payment strands for crypto exchanges, crypto brokers, forex brokers.

In addition, the company solves the liquidity problem. As a rule, it is expensive for brokers to connect to many banks and liquidity providers and it is difficult to aggregate this liquidity. Using the platform, it gets the advantage of the entire market.


The payment system is divided into several basic parts. All of them are written in PHP:

  • The first part of the system is responsible for interacting with blockchains, that is, for receiving, sending and tracking payments.
  • The second part is the API. It is engaged in interaction with consumers of services and exchanges: it notifies the receipt of funds, carries out the exchange of cryptocurrencies. The API is written using the Laravel framework.
  • The third part is an acquiring account for consumers. It shows the status of the system as a whole, connected wallets and their balances, active transactions and accounts. The developers have plans to connect classic fiat acquiring. To create an account, Yii2 was involved.

A separate block is a system for working with ICO projects. It allows users to distribute tokens at all stages of the sale, develop a contract (ERC-20) and a personal account. By these tools, users are provided with a turnkey ICO service.

For security reasons, all data about wallets are stored in the database in encrypted form, so even if an attacker gains access to them, he will not be able to withdraw funds from wallets. Two-factor user authentication is connected to the platform. Finally, the merchant can create a whitelist of IP addresses that can work with the API.

Fault tolerance of the system is provided by a large number of servers, including backup ones. Each blockchain node is located on a separate server with limited access from the outside.


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