BeANKH project is developing a technology that will allow people to continue living even after death, in digital form. To achieve this goal, the company intends to recreate human thinking algorithms, decision-making patterns and models of relationships with other people, and then create a model of behavior based on this, which will continue to live after the death of a person. This was made possible by artificial intelligence and the ability to analyze huge amounts of data, and the immutability of blockchain technology allows to implement digital immortality in practice. The aim of the project is to preserve the identity of the individual using blockchain technology, which guarantees security and anonymity.



The idea of creating the project appeared in 2015. The developers tried to understand whether it is possible to implement this idea in practice, and came to the affirmative answer. At the beginning of 2018, preparations for the ICO, which is still in progress, began. The developers plan to release a mobile application at the end of 2019, which will be available only for members of the community. A year after that, it is planned to release all applications (Web, iOS, Android). By the end of 2021, it is planned to introduce the function of capturing emotions and movements with the help of a camera. Towards the end of 2022, the developers want to make the function of creating a three-dimensional human avatar. By the end of 2024, it is planned to launch the function of an electronic copy of a person’s speech.

Operating principle

A user who wants to create a digital copy will have to download an application to his device that will track the following data:

  • social media activity
  • e-mails
  • calendar information
  • interaction with BeANKH coach
  • record facial expressions, emotions, speech and face.

Thanks to the BeANKH application, users can create their own digital assistant with a three-dimensional model and a copy of the user’s voice.


The user can record a message to family or friends, which will be sent either on the specified date or at the time of his death. The user can place his savings in digital currencies in the application and specify to whom they should be transferred in case of his death. When this happens, the application will automatically fulfill its will. The user can instruct his digital copy to perform any tasks in the games, if he does not have time for it. A digital copy of the user can prepare greetings and gifts for a certain circle of persons, based on data on his/her past actions in these cases. Thus, the user gets a ready and optimal solution to the problem without wasting time on thinking and preparation. The digital copy will be able to be active in social networks if the user does not have time for this. A digital copy can be used to select a person in advance with whom a user can go on a date using services like Tinder. A copy of the user will be able to respond to other people’s messages on his behalf and in the same way he would do it himself.

BeANKH Token

The project token is used to pay for services within the application. Investors will be able to access BeANKH almost a year ahead of everyone else. Developers will burn the received tokens, which will reduce their volume and increase the value. As a result, by 2020, the cost of the cheapest service in the application will be equivalent to one token, that is $2.9. Token holders will be given a discount on the app’s services according to the number of coins held. In addition, holders can also get discounts for attracting new users. From 700,000,000 coins 69% will be released for sale. In the presale the price is $0.08, during the open sale it will rise to $0.12.

Bounty program

On the bounty program, developers have allocated 5% of the total issue of coins, that is $4,200,000 at the price of ICO. Awards can be received for telegram channel subscription, Bitcointalk forum signature and registration in a special form for bounty.


Thanks to the blockchain technology, the user’s identity data is protected and will be available only to those who will be granted access.

Most people experience the death of loved ones as very difficult, which can negatively affect their own lives. BeANKH helps to smooth the pain of losing the person offering the bereaved the opportunity to interact with his personality, contributing to the simplification of the process of adoption of the incident.

Due to the fact that the user will implement his decision-making mechanisms in the application during his/her lifetime, BeANKH allows the virtual copy to manage social networks and accounts after the owner’s death, as well as to make a decision on the future of the property and assets.

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