What is Bin Coin?

Bincoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency payment system that was created cryptographically which run on an open source software and it is not being controlled by any entity. The Bincoin cryptocurrency payment system is not govern by any government or bank.

Investors can use services to divide their investments between various services like P2P loans, Merchant Gateway , Crypto Exchange, etc. The first version of the BIN allows startups to launch and manage ICO campaigns.

-P2P loans -Insurance -Merchant Gateway -Debit cards for everyday use -An exchange and a wallet 

Crypto Badges

Bincoin is promoting transparency in the crypto space and was awarded the Competition verified Badge by Crypto-Potential[1]:

Competition-verified badge, The project has done market and competition analysis.

Token Details

Token Ticker :  


ICO token supply :  

50,000,000 (50 Million)

Pre mine Tokens :  

100,000,000 (100 Million)

Blockchain Protocol :  


List price of BINCOIN :  

1 BINCOIN = $0.10

Difficulty Retargetting Algorithm :  

Crypto Night Algorithm

Mineable Tokens :  

10,000,000 (10 Million)

Blocksize :  

4 MB

Soft Cap:  

5000000 (est. $5.0m)

Hard cap :  

20 000 000 Tokens (est. $20.0m)

Mining Block Reward :  

Upto 0.03 BIN / Block mine

Why should I choose BINCOIN ?

Bincoins can be used anonymously to buy any kind of merchandise. international payment are easily done. with the help of bincoins, this is because Bincoin is not tied to a particular location but globally and is not tied to any kind of rules and regulations like the bank will always mandate you to follow some stated rules and regulations before using their service.

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