Bitdeal is a decentralized platform that uses blockchain technology and a cryptocurrency of this platform.



Bitdeal is a digital currency that enables two parties to carry out confidential transactions in any region of the planet. The scope of the site is extremely wide. It can be used to pay for services in cafes, restaurants, fitness centers and so on. That is, in fact, the platform acts as an alternative payment instrument. For this purpose, a convenient mobile application was developed. With its help all operations with currency are carried out. Bitdeal managed to combine crypto money and a payment system.

BDL token

The total issue of Bitdeal is 300 million tokens. The block size is 1 megabyte, its generation time is 2.5 minutes. Award for the creation of one unit is currently equal to 50 BDL.

The service uses the scrypt hashing algorithm.


Users should register on the official website of Bitdeal. Then they should start their own wallet. Before working with the application they need to know a few things:

  1. On the confirmation screen, users must wait for the download of the value of the service or product.
  2. After the payment is loaded, click on it to change the payment amount.
  3. On the page of payment size selection click “Urgent” and wait for the new amount to be loaded. After the operation is completed, click “Save”.
  4. On the confirmation screen, wait for the new payment to be loaded. When the process is complete, click “Click to send”. This will execute the transaction.
  5. Next, choose the wallet to which BDL will be sent, and click the button of the newly created payment.

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