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Bits of Gold lets its users to send their money from all over the world and exchange it for bitcoins. Bits of Gold currently operates the largest Bitcoin service in Israel. The company is working to make Bitcoin accessible to emerging markets in traditional banking and financial institutions with a focus on security, ease of use, and adherence to regulations. A Company registered in Tel-Aviv, Israel which provides ILS/BTC exchange services for a fee.



Money forwarding is made through means of regular interbank transfers and can also be expedited through the use of IBAN transfers.

The company cooperates with Bitstamp for all USD/BTC exchange purposes and with MyWallet to create wallets for users which don’t provide their own ones.


Bits of Gold Ltd. It is a registered company that is managed by its founders. The company consists of:

  • Jonathan Rouach, founder, Technion EE, formerly IP manager & algorithm developer, experienced in competitive intelligence
  • Gil Assayag, CEO, B.SC Academic College of Tel-Aviv-Jaffa, AlgoTrade expert, highly experienced Programer & Team leader, Captain ranked in the Israeli Intelligence.
  • Youval Rouach, Director of Operations, Tel-Aviv Uni. BA in Economy and Communications.
  • Meni Rosenfeld, Advisor, Bitcoin expert, Weizmann M. Sc. in maths, formerly Head of Research at SimilarGroup
  • Ruben Arnold, Strategy and Business Development, Technion EE, startup advisor, senior consultant at McKinsey
  • Golan Shlomi, Legal Advisor, Money Regulation, Lawyer, regulation expert on money service businesses in Israel for the last 15 years
  • Boris Dinkevich, Web development, Ruby on Rails community leader, runs 500Tech web development boutique


The fee is 3.95% of the payment amount to cover the processing costs of your requests/ orders. On their site you can see the full cost of services in shekels and Israeli VAT. You can track the cost by clicking on the link the shekel rate to the dollar , The calculation of the average bitcoin rate against the US dollar, provided by the system XBX index .

When buying for cash worth more than 1000 shekels-a fee of 6.95% is charged, as 3% go for cash transfers, if less than 1000 shekels, then 3.95% in addition to a fixed payment of 29.90 shekels.

Credit card transaction fee 2.95%, clearing fee 5% or USD 10 (a large amount of these indicators will be charged). At the moment, our Commission for the sale of bitcoins is 4.95%.

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