BLOCKv (VEE) – Smart Virtual Goods on the Blockchain.

ICO start date: 2017-10-16



BLOCKv project came from Switzerland. It is also called the first resource for creating and storing digital assets. The biggest advantage of this resource is that it will protect the rights to the digital asset, making it unchangeable. Although this idea is not new, the developers were the first to implement it to the digital space. The platform includes the so-called atoms of the developers called vAtoms. They will help to describe the digital asset that needs to be tokenized as accurately as possible. In the future, the developers plan to allow the changes to be made with these “minute changeable units”.


BLOCKv provides a development platform and community to create and distribute vAtoms: dynamic, compelling digital goods that shatter each roadblock. V (ticker: VEE) are smart contract tokens built to the ERC20 token standard. They are an integral part of the BLOCKv open-source development environment. BLOCKv and each of its composite parts require V to fuse the BLOCKv ecosystem together and provide a mechanism for rewards and collaboration. Due to the blockchain, copyright will become inviolable. It will become impossible to change it to swindlers, and developers already now give 100% a guarantee of protection of any digital asset from encroachments from outside. The launch of the BLOCKv platform is planned to be carried out in stages during 2018. General work on the creation of this resource has been conducted since 2016. In the first quarter there is planned introduction of a beta version for developers and blockchain VAChain. The platform will be tested. In the second quarter all the necessary tools that have been tested will be added and it will be the official launch of BLOCKv. The third quarter will provide version 2.0, a fully working version with the ability to calculate the cost and income of digital assets of users, as well as various programs will be launched for full operation. The fourth quarter will provide an opportunity to work in different languages and to be activated by developers from other countries.

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