Bonpay EUR Card

BonPay is a project by a team of Bitcoin enthusiasts with the aim Bitcoin transfers more simple, safe and seamless. It includes a wide range of solutions, from Bitcoin storage to plastic or virtual card, helping to pay with Bitcoin anywhere.

The Bonpay EUR card comes in virtual or plastic formats and allows users to use their Bitcoin holdings to pay for items online, make instore purchases, transfer funds and cash out fiat whenever needed. The plastic card issuance is currently free and the monthly fee is 1 EUR.


  • Card Type: MasterCard
  • Anonymity: Medium
  • Lifetime Load: No Limit
  • Lifetime Atm Whitdrawal: Not Avalable
  • Max Single Load: 10000
  • Card Currency: EUR


  • ATM International Fee: 2.75€ + 3%
  • Load Fee: 0€ + 0%
  • POS Fee: 0€
  • Initial Cost: 15€
  • Currency Conversion: 3%
  • ATMDomestic Fee: 2.25€ + 0%
  • Monthly Fee: 1€

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