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Finally, a blockchain company has arrived to help make small to medium businesses crypto currency compliant. UBE’s mission is to give power back to the merchants by disrupting the traditional barter model globally and transforming it into a community based, decentralized subscription model using its Ubecoin crypto currency as the medium of exchange.

The size of the Barter industry has over 600,000 merchants trading globally that are registered on one of the IRTA 100 barter exchanges with an annual volume traded at 12-14billion dollar range.

The number of merchants could easily increase to 6 million, as market research indicates that only 1 in 100 merchants sign up to the current barter model, with the primary reason being the high transaction costs averaging at 11%

That’s what makes UBE’s subsidiary FreeTradeBarter a stand out business model as they are offering a subscription based model, where the merchant can trade as much as they want and pay only one off annual subscription fee.

Netflix is a perfect example of how a subscription based model has disrupted the market. We all know and love Netflix, you can watch all the TV shows and movies you want, when you want. Binge watching is now a common phrase.

In the traditional barter model if a merchant trades $100,000 dollars they have to pay $11,000 in transaction fees. With FreeTradeBarter they can trade $100,000 per annum and only have to pay one annual subscription of $300, they could trade $10million per annum and it still would only cost the merchant $300.

FreeTradeBarter is the Netflix of the Bartering world, creating a superior tool for growing local business on a global scale.

UBE has global partnerships in place with Cash on Referral/Find Us On Web who have a business directory of 75,000 merchants in the UK. FreeTradeBarter are offering free annual subscription to the first 20,000 merchants globally, plus giving them 300 Ubecoin to spend within the Ubecoin network. Another point of difference with UBE’s business model is the universal applicability of its Ubecoin to other industries and sectors UBE’s partnership with Probability Gaming is one example. Probability Gaming is a UK & India based gaming group focussed on online casino game development. The global regulated gaming market was USD 44.16 billion in 2016 and is estimated to reach USD 81.71 billion by 2022. Probability Gaming is building a site of around 50 games that will use Ubecoin as a medium of exchange and which will have links into other gaming & entertainment platforms globally.

On-boarding the gaming and entertainment sector into the Ubecoin ecosystem instantly creates an uplift in consumer to business transactions via FreeTradeBarter by providing multiple avenues for gamers to spend their wallet. This will also create further opportunity for the Merchant network to gain access to a wider range of consumers that would not currently be available to them.

This will truly complete the sales cycle where Ubecoin will be used as a medium of exchange for B2B, B2C and C2B.

Ubiquitous Ubecoin – present, appearing or found everywhere…

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