Overview of the exchange BTC-Alpha

BTC-Alpha exchange started its activity in the UK in 2016. The Manager is a Russian entrepreneur Vitaly Bodnar. More than 90 pairs are available for trading electronic money in the exchange portfolio of the registered user. Laconic, readable design, updated functionality, commissions for replenishment and withdrawal of funds are very social and often less than on the exchanges of competitors . BTC-Alpha is a cryptocurrency trading platform with an extensive range of services with electronic currencies in addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum. Courses cryptocurrency trading pairs-weighted market. Small limits for replenishment and withdrawal of cryptocurrency in a matter of seconds is the key to success for those who appreciate speed. Basically, the audience of the exchange is Russian-speaking users, so if you have questions, you can always get an answer to them. There is also a system of incentives for users to test the exchange, is to distribute the cryptocurrency,just beating the amount of funds they can withdraw or continue to trade without restrictions. BTC-Alpha trading volumes with other whales like: hitbtc, cryptopia are not big minuses for trading on the exchange because trading pairs have a good trading volume. Many Russian-speaking users choose once BTC-Alpha for its simplicity, clarity of use and attractive design. On the stock exchange are presented high-quality instruments for trading analysis and user experience that provides additional information for analysis.

Registration on the exchange

The implementation of registration on the BTC-Alpha exchange will not take much time, the main care. On the main page of the exchange in the upper right corner there are buttons “Register”and ” Login”. In the window that opens, you will see a registration form in which you will need to fill in your data in the following order: your Mail, Password, password Confirmation and captcha( selecting those pictures from 8 that are specified in the task). Mail must be valid, because all notifications and confirmations about the auction will come to it. In order to secure registration exchange BTC-Alpha will offer you to write a password consisting of 8 or more Latin characters which will be numbers and letters, capital and capital, all the data that you will leave on the cryptocurrency exchange BTC-Alpha you need to write, as well as for better security, you can save a list of settings on a remote data store, or on a flash card, with access only to you. At the moment when you fill in all the necessary data for registration in the dialog box, you will be asked to read the documentation and rules of the BTC-Alpha exchange, when you read all the provisions of the exchange, then you will need to confirm your consent in a separate window as a new user registered on it, who complies with all the Next, the system will make you a list of its participants. To the address that you specified during registration will be sent a verification email from the administration of the exchange with confirmation of you as a new user and assurance of your email, the exchange is different in that it does not require personal data from users when receiving and withdrawing cryptocurrency funds, but only offers to Supplement the two-step verification through the application or SMS, it will protect you from

The sections of the exchange BTC-Alpha

The exchange is represented by several sections, such as: Exchange, Commission, news, Support, Listing. About each section for your understanding, convenience of trade, I will tell in more detail, we will try to state all actual aspects:

Exchange: this is the main section of the exchange when you switch to which you will be able to sell or buy coins in a particular pair. Present charts, current price indicators, the total trading volume, as well as General information – chat: it is possible to discuss with partners all current issues, consult, learn trends and even joke, but do not forget that you are on the exchange. Twitter: all relevant, official changes on the exchange, whether it is a listing of new coins, technical work, innovations and other information. Also in this window you can watch your orders, trading pairs, total trading portfolio and links to information networks of the exchange. In General, the development of visual design of the exchange is a positive thing and does not tire of a long finding.

BTC-Alpha commissions: Displays two main columns-Gradation of Commission for trading and Commission for Deposit and withdrawal. In the first one can understand at what volumes of trading within 30 calendar days you will be available discounts from 0.2% to 0.1%, it can significantly reduce the cost of activity if you operate in large amounts. The second column is a little more informative, it contains all the trading pairs, and for each specified amount, the Commission that will be retained by the exchange for the input or output of this coin.

Section exchange news: here is the operational information related only to the exchange. Do not forget about this section, because there is often important and valuable information for the clients of the exchange.

Support: this column contains all options for communication with the administration and technical support of the exchange. You will always be able to find that convenient communication channel and will be promptly served. Includes such channels as Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte, Telegram.

The Listing section: this section is for the makers of coins that wish to certain conditions, to submit their coin in exchange for certain agreements of the authority and of the owners of the coins, the period of placement may reach 3-5 working days.

The completion of the exchange BTC-Alpha

All crypto-currency pairs when replenishing the BTC-Alpha exchange and the user will be provided with a new personal address for making the input, the user has the right to make a request for a new wallet if it is necessary. If you have your personal bitcoin wallet or any other cryptocurrency on another exchange, just transfer it from the wallet or exchange, where there is a cryptocurrency to your personal address provided by the BTC-Alpha exchange, the transfer takes place after several confirmations, usually within a few minutes.


Input can be carried out in several directions, they are common and do not require any complex approach, below are all options for the task:

Outputinput to AdvCash with Commission (5.58%) Outputinput to Perfect with Commission (5.58%)

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